My Life

Embarrasing C-Store

[No Doubt, “I’m Just A Girl”]

So I just got out of class and I was in the mood for chips and Salsa Con Queso, so I went over to the Friley C-store and got it. The lady at the desk was nice, and we talked about how much Math-150 sucks. As I was walking away from the counter she said, “Would you like a bag for that.” I said, “No, I’ve got it.” Just as I said that, the Salsa Con Queso fell out of my hand and brust open all over the floor. I was so embarrased. I hate when that happens, it’s like “What now?” Do I offer to help, do you stand out of the way and let them do their job, do you say “Sorry” and walk away. It’s all quite akward. Yeah. It sucks.

Eating chips and dip. I love Salsa Con Queso.

My Life

Whew. What a weekend.

Alrighty. I’m back. It was really hard to leave tonight. I’ll get to that later. But first….

Saturday morning I went shopping with my mom. I got my mom and my dad a DVD player, and I bought my brother a calander, and I got Adam something that I hope he’ll really like. It should be cool. I know he’s really into it, so he should like it. But yeah. Shopping with my mom just really annoys me. I won’t go into details, but we spent an hour and a half at Fraklin Covey in MHM. Now if you’ve ever been there, you know how small the store is, and well if you don’t know what it is, they sell datebooks to big rich business people. It’s the most boring store in the world. The only thing that kept me entertained was the hot guys walking by and the Palm Pilots. They were fun. And also, I have determinded that my mother should be given a Geo Metor, and she should not be allowed to drive a big fucking ass Truck thing. Yep.

We were supposed to be done shopping by 12, but of course we weren’t we didn’t get back tell like 2ish. So I went quickly over to Adam’s house, we went shopping too. I like shopping with him, we at least like looking at the same things. It was good times. Then that night we went to the Crystal Ball at AHS. That was sooooooooooooooo much fun, omg. Good fucking times. I was hit on my str8 girls, who were then very embarrased once they got pulled away and were told that I was in fact gay. And there were just so many cute guys there. But it was good fucking times. To much to really get into here. After that Adam and I went to my house and went hot tubing, the stars were so pretty, it was just amazing. After that we went into my house, and just sat there looking at the christmas tree talking about random things. It was good. I wished he could have stayed the night though, that would have been cool.

Then this morning I went over to his house, we went out. Did stuff, then we decided to highlight my hair. So we went to Wal-Mart and found some stuff, but the stuff I wanted to use didn’t have the cap. So I called Adam’s mom, she was at Wal-Mart too. We talked to her and got her opinion on things. I was going to highlight my hair blonde, then pull the cap off and then highlight it again with either red or blue, I think I might do that next weekend. I think it would look really cool. We’ll see. But yeah, we just highlighted my hair, and then Adam was like. “I want to dye my hair blonde.” So he did. It turned out really orange. But I think it looks good. It’s a nice change. He’s cute with it like that. We went and saw Tara and Jessica both of thier mouths dropped to the ground when they saw him. It was soo funny. His mom and Rob both freaked out. But good times. After we were done with that, we just hung out in his room and talked about more random things. We talked about moving to AZ, and our plans. We’ve now pushed the moving back to 2007. But things should still all work out right. I mean, it’ll be good. I can’t wait tell then.

Adam’s mom asked me to stay for supper, that was really nice of her, and it meant so much to me. I really like her dishes too. lol. She said we could have them when she gets new ones. lol. They’re so great. I love Adam’s family. After supper we went back into Adam’s room and talked some more, really good times there. I mean, we just laid there and talked, but that’s what I love doing so much with him, just laying there, looking into his eyes, talking about random things.

We got onto the topic of where would we be if we hadn’t met up. Where would we be right now. Well, I was going to go to PA to work this past summer, which means I never would have met Adam, and right now, I would have been in PA, going to school in Media, and I’d probably be sitting in my Apartment being all depressed or something. But also, if I hadn’t quite my job at camp then, where would I have been? Well. I’d probably either still be going to school in PA, or I would be here, in my dorm just sitting on my ass all weekend, every weekend. I never would have become so close to Adam if I hadn’t quit my job because of him. He’s the one that inspired me ot quit my job. I’m so glad that I met him, and that our lives have turned out the way that they have.

I love you Adam. I’ll never let you go. You’ll always be on my mind. You’ll always be missed, every second we’re apart, your smile, your voice, you. You will always be with me, every where I go. I love you Adam.

My Life

July 30, 2001

July 30, [Sting, "Brand New Day"]

Today’s been really great times. I wish they were still really great times

with my boy friend Adam, but they’re really great times with my friend Adam.

This afternoon I went over to his house and just hung and talked with him

and his mom a bit there, then we went over to Jessica’s house and hung out

with her. It’s hard times in her house. She just got a new car and the tape

they used to put the "For Sale" sign on the windows had melted

so we helped her get that off there. Then we came back to my house cause

I was hungry and he wanted a Koi. I made myself a salad, Adam went out to

the fish pond to try and get a fish, he didn’t do very good at that, so

I came in and changed into trunks and got into the pond. Cause that’s how

we usually get them. That didn’t work either. So we just gave up. After

that we went out to Saylorville and hung out there, it was good times, it

was so pretty. Again, I wished I was with boy friend Adam yet, but it was

still really fun. After that we came back here and made french fries and

potato chips. It was so much fun. After that we went swimming and hot tubing,

I was waiting for Adam to try and go skinny dipping, but he didn’t and I

was happy about that. I really don’t want to get into a position like that,

not now. After that we came inside and watched a movie. I forget the name

of it already, it’s that one with the prince or what ever he was and he

gets changed into a llama thing. Yeah, that was a great movie, "No

Touchy" hehe. I love that line. Tonight was great times. Taking him

back home though was hard tonight, I started to cry. I was thinking about

how great tonight would have been had we still been together. It would have

added so much to our relationship. But tonight still added alot to our relationship

as friends. I’m glad I chose to stay here tonight. Sometimes I just need

a break.

The house is really clean today too, for the first time ever I feel as

though I can actually bring people over and not be embarased by the way

it looks. It’s so great when the PU’s leave. They make such a mess. lol.

I’m so glad I have the house to myself, one week of a clean house is going

to be so great. But you know, I shouldn’t have to wait for them to leave

to be able to enojy a clean house. But they just can’t seem to keep things

clean, they can’t clean up after them selfs and that damn dog just makes

such a mess cause my dad will just let him in the house right after he jumps

out of the pond or something like that and he just tracks all over the place. Damn dog.

My Life

May 10, 2001

may 10, #3 [house of gypsies, “samba”] today’s been a pretty wasted day,

i’ve been kinda studying for my econ test which is at 8 tomorrow moring, but

i haven’t gotten much done there. i’ve also been looking for info on how to

install redhat, i downloaded the iso’s and the boot image, but for some reason

it doesn’t want to boot. damn thing. so i’ve been trying to figure out how

to do that, i even tried doing the whole rawrite crap to a disk, but it still

won’t boot off the disk, i don’t know if it’s a bad image or what, but i want

to get it fixed and i want to get it fixed NOW. my half of the room is really

empty now, it’s kinda sad. i wish i hadn’t sent all my cd’s home with my pu’s

otherwise i’d be reformatting shit here, and installing everything that i

need. but i don’t have any of my software, so i’m out of luck there. alot

of people are moving out today, it’s getting pretty empty, they’re closing

down the tc tonight so there won’t be any breakfast or supper tomorrow, only

lunch. my roomie finally came back like 1 or so and now he’s in bed, and he

fucking smells, i think his smell has gotten worse in the last week. i dunno,

maybe it’s just me. these templates on this page are really getting to me.

i’m thinking i’m going to have to go redo them.

My Life

March 29, 2001

March 29 #3. i bet you people didn’t realize how many different

time i update this in a day. i’m going to start doing it like this cause that

way it’s easier for people to see what they’ve read and what they haven’t

cause it’s nothing for me to upload this page 4 or 5 times a day. so ok on

to what i wanted to babble about, the CS department here is so fucking stupid

here’s an e-mail they just sent to everyone: To those

residence hall students who are running FTP services or Unix /Linux machines

The dormitory network connection agreement signed by students includes a statement

precluding the installation or use of server software without prior permission

from Computing Services. This includes FTP services, MS server functions of

Windows, and Unix/Linux variants. We’ve not policed this requirement in the

past. However, these installations are now placing the entire DSU network

at risk. Some of these applications contain large security holes. Last week

someone from outside the University exploited the security lapses on a student’s

Linux machine to hack into and initiate a denial of service attack on a machine

in Rumania. These attacks typically send large packets to the site under attack,

preventing it from communicating to the Internet. Unfortunately, these types

of attacks also consume our router and internet bandwidth, so very little

can come into or leave campus while the attack is underway. Yesterday we received

notification from BIT that entities from outside the University are trying

a standard well known buffer overflow attack to break into FTP servers on

student machines in the dorms. These attacks work by overwhelming the FTP

application with garbage commands. If the FTP server crashes, the hacker can

compromise the computer, take it over and initiate another denial of service

attack, erase files or whatever. Anyone running Unix FTP servers using WU-FTP Daemon should upgrade immediately. At least four unique security holes have

been identified in this package in the last six months. Most systems have

converted to the PRO-FTP Daemons because it is more secure and does not need

to be patched every month. By default most UNIX systems enable FTP services.

Unless you take steps to protect your computer and the OS, you continue to

risk it and the DSU internet connection. If you are running Unix/Linux or

a windows FTP client we ask that you notify Computing Services at 5675. We also ask that you ensure you have downloaded and installed the appropriate

security patches. Since we cannot continue to risk the campus connection to

the internet, failure to protect student machines in the dorms may lead to

a discontinuation of network services in the dorms. yeah, stupid fucks.

so i guess i’m going to have to call and tell them that i’m running Win2k

Server. but i’ve disabled all my ftp and iis stuff so they can’t get to bitchy

at me about it. they are just a bunch of BOFH’s, if you go like 1K over the

disk quota they disable your account and you have to wait 5 working days before

they will reinstate it. fuckers. i’m glad i don’t have to use the damn thing,

and you know this is th #9

tech college for it’s size in the country, well they fucking lied on their

thingy, cause if you go and look it says they give th students 100+ megs of

space on the servers and another 100+ on the webside, well they only give

you a TOTAL of 10. dumbasses. and you know i really like that e-mail, cause

they just had a huge article in the Trojan Times about how they just got a

ton of new Sun systems and how they are going to start integrating them into

the teachings and stuff. well i think they should allow linux and server stuff

in their dorm rooms if they are going to teach it. and you know they would

also fix this problem if they installed a fucking FIREWALL. dumbshits. it

would cost them what $2000 to put in a fucking firewall, but do you think

they’ve done that NO, and you know they jsut got a fucking 1.6 million dollar

grant thingy from gateway to but computers and stuff, you think they could

use $2000 of that to buy a goddamn fucking firewall? they have a bunch of

dumbasses running this fucking network, i tell you they do, i coud run it