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Embarrasing C-Store

[No Doubt, “I’m Just A Girl”]

So I just got out of class and I was in the mood for chips and Salsa Con Queso, so I went over to the Friley C-store and got it. The lady at the desk was nice, and we talked about how much Math-150 sucks. As I was walking away from the counter she said, “Would you like a bag for that.” I said, “No, I’ve got it.” Just as I said that, the Salsa Con Queso fell out of my hand and brust open all over the floor. I was so embarrased. I hate when that happens, it’s like “What now?” Do I offer to help, do you stand out of the way and let them do their job, do you say “Sorry” and walk away. It’s all quite akward. Yeah. It sucks.

Eating chips and dip. I love Salsa Con Queso.

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