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Nazanin annoys me so much sometimes. Today is one of those days. First off, last Friday we were supposed to have done a backup. She came in and and decided to play with things, and she fucked up the backup schedule. Grrr at that. Then they also got an UPS, and decided it couldn’t wait tell I got here to put it in, so they fucked up my computer and messed up my desk putting it in. Then when I go and tell her that the backup wasn’t done and that I was fixing it. She decides to come in here and go through it all and fuck it up again. I had it fixed, all I had to do was save it. But she came in and decided that she needed to mess with things, she went to do something else and a box came up; asking her if she wanted to save what she had done, before I got the words “Yes save it” out of my mouth she had said, “What am I doing, I don’t know.” And clicked no. All my work was lost. And of course since she’s my boss, I couldn’t really yell at her. Grrr. And then I’ve also got this system up for backup’s. It’s a nice system like any other company would use. Well, she dicides to come in and fuck with it all too. Grrr. Just stay the hell out of my office. I’ll make sure backup’s are done, I’ll get things working. You just go sit in your office and do what ever it is you do in there all damn day long. Rarr.

I can’t wait tell Thursday when I get to see Adam again. Apparently Mandy and Jessica said something to him. And I want to know what all was said, since I feel that what they said is something that also effects me.

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