My Life

I love Adam.

[LFO, “Your Heart Is Safe With Me”]

I know you know that love
can make you cry and break your heart
And you’ve been there before, you’ve been there before
And so you’re so afraid to let somebody in
Baby, won’t you try again, try again

Cause you’re heart is safe with me
I’ll never hurt you
I’ll be there through everything
I won’t make you cry
I know this world is cold
But in my arms you’ll see
That you’re heart is safe with me
That you’re heart is safe with me
Safe with me

What can I do for you to understand
you’re in good hands
I’ll never do you wrong, never do you wrong
What can I say to make your doubts to disappear
I won’t let no tears get near
No baby, I’ll be here

I will be there for you
be anything you need
Love can last forever
I’ll show you how it feels
I’ll keep my heart beside you
So your heart will see
That youre safe with me

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