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Planning for the future (New Years)

la la la. On Saturday I asked my mom if the family would mind dispersing from the house for New Years. She said they’d consider it. I told them to go out and party for the night, get a hotel room. Have fun. She said she’d think about it. I hope they do. We’re having a party at my house weather they leave or not. It’ll be fun. We’ll watch movies and such. We’ll have a DVD player, and surround sound. Food, I like food. It’ll be good, good times. People can spend the night if they want, we have a big matress thing, couch is comfy too. And someone can sleep in my room, if anyone wants too. The guest room’s already been claimed, hehe. 😉 I’m going to try and get ahold of David too, see if he wants to come up for the weekend. It’d be good for him. Get him out of his house, and also it’d be cool for him to meet the rest of the group. Good times it’ll be. la la la E-mail/call/comment with Ideas and such.

I had a fucking wierd dream last night. I mean really fucking wierd. It involved alot of fucking too. hehe. I was working for camp again. But this time I was in scoutcraft lodge, it’s where alot of the older scouts get put up. Well, there were lots of hot guys in there this year, including like Lenz, and Shoemaker and a bunch of others. Well in the dream, it was our break time, right after lunch. And I was going back to sleep some. Well I walk in there, and there’s all the guys in there (like 20) all nude, and well having lots of inter-personal time. Yeah, it was good. lol. I liked that dream. (I’m amazed I remember it too).

But yeah this morning was really wierd. I remember having lots of dreams, but that’s the only one I can remember, and then I woke up about 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I just laid there, thinking about things, mostly Adam, but other things as well.

la la la. Go read boy-ashamed.

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