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Final week of classes

[Duncan Sheik, “Alibi”‘]

Well, it’s the final week of classes. Angel returns this Friday, and well finals are next week. I went to English this morning and talked to the teacher about the final some. The max number of pages you can have is 8. So far I have 6, and I still have alot to write about. So I’m going to have to cut alot out, alot of stuff that I really don’t want to cut out, but she’s a bitch. Oh well. Went to Soc, Vero said she wasn’t coming, so yeah. It was boring there. Good news in that class though is there’s no class on Friday, so yeah. I have English (at 9 am) and then Math (at 2 pm). I’m thinking I might skip Math cause so far his reveiw hasn’t helped me any. I can just spend the time reveiwing on my own. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

My room mates a fucking dumb ass. I got up this morning, he was still in bed. I went to class, then another class, then I ate lunch and I came back, he was still in bed. The phone rang about one. It was for him. He took it, got out of bed. Sat down and started playing his stupid fucking video game. I left for class, he was still playing his game, in his boxers and a t-shirt. I came back from class, and he’s still there. Grr. I hate him.

That’s all for today. I still have to write alot on my paper, but I think I’m going to wait tell Wed to finish that. I have to study accounting now.

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