My Life

May 10, 2001

may 10, #3 [house of gypsies, “samba”] today’s been a pretty wasted day,

i’ve been kinda studying for my econ test which is at 8 tomorrow moring, but

i haven’t gotten much done there. i’ve also been looking for info on how to

install redhat, i downloaded the iso’s and the boot image, but for some reason

it doesn’t want to boot. damn thing. so i’ve been trying to figure out how

to do that, i even tried doing the whole rawrite crap to a disk, but it still

won’t boot off the disk, i don’t know if it’s a bad image or what, but i want

to get it fixed and i want to get it fixed NOW. my half of the room is really

empty now, it’s kinda sad. i wish i hadn’t sent all my cd’s home with my pu’s

otherwise i’d be reformatting shit here, and installing everything that i

need. but i don’t have any of my software, so i’m out of luck there. alot

of people are moving out today, it’s getting pretty empty, they’re closing

down the tc tonight so there won’t be any breakfast or supper tomorrow, only

lunch. my roomie finally came back like 1 or so and now he’s in bed, and he

fucking smells, i think his smell has gotten worse in the last week. i dunno,

maybe it’s just me. these templates on this page are really getting to me.

i’m thinking i’m going to have to go redo them.

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