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May 10, 2001

may 10, #2. [Sting, “Every breath you take”] so i got most of the junk out

that can go now. i burned about 3 gigs worth of backups to cd-r and shit.

all i have left to burn now is my personal stuff and i’ll wait tell i get

home to do that. i still have to burn a few other disks for nate, but those

wil have to wait cause what i need to burn for him is at home. i’m thinking

saturday i’ll finish buring shit well i’m unpacking, and then sunday i’ll

reformat and install Win2k and linux as my only OSes on here. that way i won’t

have the security problems with the damn Fat32 partitions that i have now.

i was supposed to go to work on saturday, but i think i’ll skip it, all were

doing is having a presentation on how to make an effective speach and then

we are going to work in our program areas. i can make that stuff up easily,

and plus i need the time to get unpacked and settled back in at home, for

a whole two weeks before i go to camp. i need to get some money too so i can

buy a bunch of phone cards. i dunno. my roomie’s been gone since about 12

yesterday and still hasn’t been back yet today, nt that i’m complaining, it’s

nice having him gone cause the room doesn’t freaking stink. but he’s got alot

of shit to move out yet. all he’s taken out so far is his loft, chair, and

computer. he’s still got crap pilled all over the desk and the floor and who

knows what’s in his closet. yep. only one day left.

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