My Life

May 10, 2001

may 10. [vertival horizon, “angel without wings”] well it’s my last full

day here, only one more night here. only two more showers i have to take here.

only one more final, 3 more meals. man this is really coming down to the end.

it’s 7:50 and i’ve been up since about 7 or so. i slept in today cause i don’t

have anything to do. i figured i’d start moving most of my shit out today,

but there’s really not that much that can go out, i mean i got rid of just

about everything that i didn’t absolutely need when my pu’s were here. i figure

i can take my printer and speakers out, but that’s about it. cause ya know

i’m sures as hell not taking my computer out, i’d die without it, lol. ok

well i’m going to go take a shower now, laters.

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