I love spring rain… I wish they could just bottle this smell and sound and sell it, oh wait… They already have. Well I wish they would sell the real smell rather then that fake smell they have, it doesn’t really smell like it does now… It’s so great.

I love the rain in the spring, it’s just coming down at a nice heavy down pour… It’s so relaxing and nice… I’ve been out walking round in it for the last hour or so. It’s fun… Lots of other random people out as well… good times with the rain.. It reminds me of summer.

Around the corner

It’s just around the corner now… that week we all get off this time of year. I can’t wait tell it’s here. That will be one good week. Time to relax, not have to leave Adam’s side for long periods of time. I can’t wait. One things that really sucks though is that he’s grounded the first weekend. But it’ll still be really really great. And after that only like 2 weeks tell prom. Good times.

Today was really good. Last night was funny though. Adam and I were watching Queer as Folk in his bed room.. He had just got out of the shower and I was laying in his bed under the covers… He got in and we cuddled up and watched like one episode.. By this time it was like 11:30.. We had just put in the next DVD and like less then 5 minutes into the show we were both asleep… I woke up again and looked over at the clock… It was 3 am. I said “SHIT” and jumped out of bed. Luckly his PU’s hadn’t gotten home yet and caught us in bed neked together, hehe, taht would have really sucked.

This morning sucked… I was just getting up and getting ready to head into the shower when I hear my brother shut the bathroom door. I was like FUCK! So I went back to bed… Next thing I know he’s got that fucking radio blaring as loud as it will go. So I pound on the wall…. Instead of turning it down, he turns it up some more. I’m like you fucker. It was all rap shit too. I was so pissed. I heard the phone ring a bit after that. I knew it was Adam calling. They didn’t bring me the phone, but I knew it was him, so I pounded on the wall some more and screamed at him to hurry up. By this time he had already been in there 20 minutes. I laid in bed waiting for him to get out… At the 40 minute mark I got out of bed and went and pounded on the door and yelled at him some more… He yelled back “I DON’T HAVE TO HURRY UP!” I wanted to bust that fucking door down and punch him right then. Finally he got out and I yelled at him for having the radio so loud. He said that “I DON’T HAVE TO TURN IT DOWN, YOU’RE NOT MY BOSS!” I said that we’ll see about that… How would he like it if I came home at 3 AM and turned my radio on as loud as I could. Little fucker. Maybe I’ll do that next week. So I went in and did one of those 5 minute showers… My mom finaly told me that Adam had called, like shortly before Andy got out of the shower. I called him and vented well I was waiting for the shower. I fiaally got to his house about 11:30 or so. It was good. We hung out, went to Wal-Mart and saw Julian and Mandy. Went to Good-will and some crazy old guy talked to us. Adam got this ugly shirt, but it’s growing on my slowly.. He actually looks ok in it. We also Tie-dyed some other clothes of his. They’re cute. Then tonight we just hung out and watched some more QaF. We’re on like the 4th disk I think.. But one of them wouldn’t play at all. Fucking thing. And it was a good one.. Oh well. We got the jist of it.

I’m thinking about buying it.. But now I have to save my money to pay to go to prom. Hmmm.

Nov 18, 2001

Nov 18, [Shawn Mullins, "You Mean Everything To Me"]

Ok, so this weekend has been really long and really great. Friday Adam,

and I went out with Mary, Mary, and Beven ::shudders::. It was alot of fun,

but Beven just creaped me the hell out. Gross. I won’t really go into what

all happened there, it was the basix downtown stuff that I do every weekend,

so it was great.

Saturday night there was supposed to be that lonid shower, so I stayed

at Adam’s house. We watched movies, and had a good time just talking about

stuff. About 3:30 we went out and it was all cloudy so we said screw this

and went to bed. There’s just something about sleeping with him that makes

things so great. All my worries in the world disappear and this constant

pressure that’s on my heart, and mind is gone. It’s just so relaxing to

sleep with him in my arms. To know that the person I love is so close to

me. I just love it so much. I wish that we were still in a relationship,

and that we could sleep together more offten. It’s just such a great feeling

to wake up in the morning with him there. And to look into this eyes. God,

there just aren’t words to describe it.

But speaking of relationships. I’m probably blowing things a bit out of

the water, but it’s something that surprised me. On Friday night I parked

my car next to his in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Well when we came out, Adam

goes, “Look, it’s boyfriend and boyfriend’s Saturn’s.” And that coming out

of his mouth just really surprised me. I don’t know if it’s something he

meant to say, or what.

Other then that, I haven’t really done much this weekend. Lots of good

times with Adam and such. That’s about it.

I’m tired now, so I’m going to go to bed, night all.

Sept 6, 2001

Sept 6, [Black Crowes, "By Your Side"]

Yay for rain. I love the rain. It symbolizes a fresh start for everything.

And the smell of things after a good rain is always so relaxing. But today

I hope it stops before I have to go to me 6:00 class.

Today at work we got a couple new peices of kit and I was installing Win2K

on them. Well we wanted them to be part of the network, so we had to name

them. Well for those that don’t know, Krell was named after the culture

also named Krell from the move, "Forbidden Planet" so most of

the systems there are named after references to that movie. Well we’ve got

a lot of new kit there, so we’ve run out of names, so today we spent 30

minutes trying to come up with a new scheme to name these two new boxes

by. It was ammusing times.

My math TA can’t spell worth shit, not that I’m all that great either,

but today he wrote the word depriciation on the board and spelled it: Debyciation.

Umm, yeah that’s really close though, lol.

Apperantly I have to bring the van back to my dad this weekend. He called

and said that Andy needed it to do his driving test. I don’t see why he

can’t just use my mom’s truck, but whatever. So I’ll be in town for anyone

that wants to do something. I’m going to have a shit load of HW though.

So Sunday I’m going to come back up here early and get that done. I should

have enough time to get it done. So yeah, if you want to do something with

me this weekend, call me. I’ll be around.

Aug 15, 2001

Aug 15 [Oasis, "Champagne Supernova"]

So yesterday Marry Rederus came into Kum & Go. She was obviously looking

for something and couldn’t find it. I was busy working on something back

by the coolers and there was a Frito-Lay guy standing next to me putting

product away. Marry came up to the Frito-Lay guy, who clearly wasn’t a Kum

& Go employee and asked him if we had such and such. He told her that

he didn’t work there and pointed at me and said, "He does though."

So she came up to me, and said "Oh hi" in one of those tones that

you know the person isn’t pleased to see you. Well she asked me where such

and such was. I told her we didn’t have any and then I asked how Luke was

doing, and she just gave simple to the point answers and asked where I was

going to school and then left. She wasn’t acting at all like Marry Rederus,

which bothered me. Marry never just says "HI" she always has something

to talk about. I dunno what was up with her.

Then today Josh Hunemuller (sp?) came in. And went though my line, he was

actually really nice to me. He even asked if he could take some matches.

Most people just grab them, or say "Give me a pack of matches too"

He said, "Can I have a pack of matches, Please." I was like, wow.

He’s nice. Things are wierd.

Not really much going on today. It’s a rainny and gloomy day, I like days

like this, it’s a good relax day. I told Adam to call me after I got off

work, I got off 45 minutes ago, and he still hasn’t called, but he could

be at work, so we’ll see what happens. I’d like to hang out with him tonight.

I haven’t just hung out with him in a while. We’ll see what happens.