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Around the corner

It’s just around the corner now… that week we all get off this time of year. I can’t wait tell it’s here. That will be one good week. Time to relax, not have to leave Adam’s side for long periods of time. I can’t wait. One things that really sucks though is that he’s grounded the first weekend. But it’ll still be really really great. And after that only like 2 weeks tell prom. Good times.

Today was really good. Last night was funny though. Adam and I were watching Queer as Folk in his bed room.. He had just got out of the shower and I was laying in his bed under the covers… He got in and we cuddled up and watched like one episode.. By this time it was like 11:30.. We had just put in the next DVD and like less then 5 minutes into the show we were both asleep… I woke up again and looked over at the clock… It was 3 am. I said “SHIT” and jumped out of bed. Luckly his PU’s hadn’t gotten home yet and caught us in bed neked together, hehe, taht would have really sucked.

This morning sucked… I was just getting up and getting ready to head into the shower when I hear my brother shut the bathroom door. I was like FUCK! So I went back to bed… Next thing I know he’s got that fucking radio blaring as loud as it will go. So I pound on the wall…. Instead of turning it down, he turns it up some more. I’m like you fucker. It was all rap shit too. I was so pissed. I heard the phone ring a bit after that. I knew it was Adam calling. They didn’t bring me the phone, but I knew it was him, so I pounded on the wall some more and screamed at him to hurry up. By this time he had already been in there 20 minutes. I laid in bed waiting for him to get out… At the 40 minute mark I got out of bed and went and pounded on the door and yelled at him some more… He yelled back “I DON’T HAVE TO HURRY UP!” I wanted to bust that fucking door down and punch him right then. Finally he got out and I yelled at him for having the radio so loud. He said that “I DON’T HAVE TO TURN IT DOWN, YOU’RE NOT MY BOSS!” I said that we’ll see about that… How would he like it if I came home at 3 AM and turned my radio on as loud as I could. Little fucker. Maybe I’ll do that next week. So I went in and did one of those 5 minute showers… My mom finaly told me that Adam had called, like shortly before Andy got out of the shower. I called him and vented well I was waiting for the shower. I fiaally got to his house about 11:30 or so. It was good. We hung out, went to Wal-Mart and saw Julian and Mandy. Went to Good-will and some crazy old guy talked to us. Adam got this ugly shirt, but it’s growing on my slowly.. He actually looks ok in it. We also Tie-dyed some other clothes of his. They’re cute. Then tonight we just hung out and watched some more QaF. We’re on like the 4th disk I think.. But one of them wouldn’t play at all. Fucking thing. And it was a good one.. Oh well. We got the jist of it.

I’m thinking about buying it.. But now I have to save my money to pay to go to prom. Hmmm.

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