My Life


It’s the weekend… YAY! Friday was Friday.. not much really happened during the day.. I was dead tired. I went to Adam’s like 3:30 or soish. we hung out and watched QaF all night… There was a big fuck off storm too. So I didn’t go home… It was good. We went and got estimates on Adam’s car as well. It’s going to be a smal fortune to fix it… $1,200 at one place and $900 at another. He was wanting to come into some money sometime. Yeah.. Rob’s being all crazy about it though. I’m dot dot dotting alot tonight as Adam pointed out.

NOt much has really happened today we’ve been hanging out. He worked from 1-7 and they made a fuck off lot of pizzas.. I studied and got really confused. Now we’re here highlighting my hair. It feels like this shit has been in here for an hour and a half, but it’s onluy been like 45 minutes. It better be cool or someone’s not getting any. lol. But yeah. It looks alright. Off to go clean it out now and then perhaps for a nap or something… ::yawns::

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