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Nov 18, 2001

Nov 18, [Shawn Mullins, "You Mean Everything To Me"]

Ok, so this weekend has been really long and really great. Friday Adam,

and I went out with Mary, Mary, and Beven ::shudders::. It was alot of fun,

but Beven just creaped me the hell out. Gross. I won’t really go into what

all happened there, it was the basix downtown stuff that I do every weekend,

so it was great.

Saturday night there was supposed to be that lonid shower, so I stayed

at Adam’s house. We watched movies, and had a good time just talking about

stuff. About 3:30 we went out and it was all cloudy so we said screw this

and went to bed. There’s just something about sleeping with him that makes

things so great. All my worries in the world disappear and this constant

pressure that’s on my heart, and mind is gone. It’s just so relaxing to

sleep with him in my arms. To know that the person I love is so close to

me. I just love it so much. I wish that we were still in a relationship,

and that we could sleep together more offten. It’s just such a great feeling

to wake up in the morning with him there. And to look into this eyes. God,

there just aren’t words to describe it.

But speaking of relationships. I’m probably blowing things a bit out of

the water, but it’s something that surprised me. On Friday night I parked

my car next to his in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Well when we came out, Adam

goes, “Look, it’s boyfriend and boyfriend’s Saturn’s.” And that coming out

of his mouth just really surprised me. I don’t know if it’s something he

meant to say, or what.

Other then that, I haven’t really done much this weekend. Lots of good

times with Adam and such. That’s about it.

I’m tired now, so I’m going to go to bed, night all.

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