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Nov 16, 2001

Nov 16, [ATC, "Thinking Of You"]

So it’s noon, the Friday before break. I’m going to leave here soon. I’m

not going to my last class. There weren’t many people in either of my first

two classes, so I figure there won’t be like anyone in Math since there’s

never anyone there anyways. This weekend and this next week are already

packed with things I have to do. Grr at that. Oh well. I’ll get to spend

lots of time with Adam wich makes me happy 🙂

On other things, the roomie is just now getting up. I think he skipped

his first class again today, or maybe he’s skipped all his classes I dunno.

Nor do I really care. I have my music loud, fuck him.

Oh, so I’m currently projected at 50% or my bandwidth usage for this month,

so from now on, all image directories are becoming password protected. So

there. 😛

Umm, yeah. Not much going on. I’m out.

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