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Nov 15, 2001

Nov 15, [Backstreet Boys, "Larger Than Life, Dance Remix"]

Is it really Nov out there? It sure doesn’t seem like it, I could almost

go for wearing shorts, but I know no one wants to see that, so I wont. lol.

Not much has really been going on the last couple days. Yesterday I didn’t

do shit, well ok I did get a lot done, but it doesn’t seem like I did shit.

I got Greymatter working, so I’ll be switching over to that the first of

Dec. Then I started changing all my pages over to PHP. That’s fun. Well

not really, cause the find and replace isn’t working right, so I have to

go in and replace code in everyfucking thing. And dreamweaver doesn’t render

it properly for some reason which I have yet to figure out, so I’ve got

to get that fixed. I think one I get Greymatter up and working I should

be able to do a little more PHP work. I’m not entirly sure how that’s going

to work though.

Adam hasn’t been online near as much as he usually is and that’s sad. I

didn’t get to talk to him at all Tuesday, and I only got to talk to him

for like 10 minutes yesterday. :'( Oh well. I get ALL next week. We’re going

to go see that Harry Potter movie and Life As A House. Both are supposed

to be good movies.

Julian and I also went to that meeting now. I forget what it was called,

but it was fun. There were two hot guys there 🙂

I don’t think my roommates left the room in like a couple days now.

I got my Accounting test back. I did a hell of alot better then I thought

I would.

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