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Nov 13, 2001

Nov 13, [ZZ Top, "Legs"]

Well 13 hours after I left my room, I am now returning. It’s been a fucking

long day. I didn’t have Accounting class this morning, so I went into work

early. That was good, the electricians were there finally getting things

installed so that we could pull wiring. One of them was hot. So that was

good. I worked all day in the conference room pulling wires and climbing

in the cieling. But it’s all done now. Well, ok. It’s not, we still have

3 wires to pull and the only reason we didn’t pull those today was because

they weren’t in yet. Grrr to slow mail people. After work I had 2 tests,

the Econ test went pretty good. I got a "B" on it, the Accounting

test on the other hand. OMG was that bad. I was the first one done, took

me an hour to do it. And it still sucked. I should find out what I got on

it on Thursday, but I really don’t want to know.

So yeah, today’s been long, but the good news is that I can pretty much

slak off the rest of the week, and there’s only like 3 or 4 more weeks tell

christmas break, YAY!

No one’s online to talk to :'(

I haven’t gotten to talk to Adam yet today, I’m sad. I wanted to talk to

him about something while I was at work, but when I got back to my office

he was gone. I forget what it was that I wanted to ask him now though. Damn

memory. lol.

Oh well. I’m off to play with Greymatter.

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