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Aug 15, 2001

Aug 15 [Oasis, "Champagne Supernova"]

So yesterday Marry Rederus came into Kum & Go. She was obviously looking

for something and couldn’t find it. I was busy working on something back

by the coolers and there was a Frito-Lay guy standing next to me putting

product away. Marry came up to the Frito-Lay guy, who clearly wasn’t a Kum

& Go employee and asked him if we had such and such. He told her that

he didn’t work there and pointed at me and said, "He does though."

So she came up to me, and said "Oh hi" in one of those tones that

you know the person isn’t pleased to see you. Well she asked me where such

and such was. I told her we didn’t have any and then I asked how Luke was

doing, and she just gave simple to the point answers and asked where I was

going to school and then left. She wasn’t acting at all like Marry Rederus,

which bothered me. Marry never just says "HI" she always has something

to talk about. I dunno what was up with her.

Then today Josh Hunemuller (sp?) came in. And went though my line, he was

actually really nice to me. He even asked if he could take some matches.

Most people just grab them, or say "Give me a pack of matches too"

He said, "Can I have a pack of matches, Please." I was like, wow.

He’s nice. Things are wierd.

Not really much going on today. It’s a rainny and gloomy day, I like days

like this, it’s a good relax day. I told Adam to call me after I got off

work, I got off 45 minutes ago, and he still hasn’t called, but he could

be at work, so we’ll see what happens. I’d like to hang out with him tonight.

I haven’t just hung out with him in a while. We’ll see what happens.

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