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  • Halloween Night

    So Wed night I went out to West Hollywood for all the crazyness that was going on there. I was in a pretty annoyed mood about a lot of different stuff which I’ll go into later. Const and I got to Steve’s place about 5 and then we had to wait around for him to […]

  • Daytime

    You know, there for a short time I was thinking that maybe it’s finially time to end this journal. A huge part of my life is now gone, Andrew, so maybe it was time for me to cut this out of my life as well. But as anyone who knows me IRL knows, i’m way […]

  • Serving Size

    You know what pisses me off… Is when something has a serving size of 3.. But there are like 19 or some other odd number that doesn’t divide into three in the package! And I’m talking about items where there is always an exact number of the same thing in a box.. In this case […]