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You know, there for a short time I was thinking that maybe it’s finially time to end this journal. A huge part of my life is now gone, Andrew, so maybe it was time for me to cut this out of my life as well. But as anyone who knows me IRL knows, i’m way to obsessed with this to ever quit. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop posting here. haha. EVen though at times I feel like there are too many people that I KNOW who read this.. IE, a lot of my family. I know about two of them that read it. But there’s at least 3-4 other people in my family that read this as well. There’s also CoWorkers who I’m sure are probably reading it too… Again, I know about one of them, but it’s the ones I don’t know about who scare me. So yeah… Alas, I don’t think I can end it.

So what have I been up to lately? Working and sleeping!

I’m working 6-3 now and it’s going good. I like having the 2 hours before EVERYONE gets here to get some things done that I can’t normally, IE coding, etc. Things that can’t be inturupted.

Speaking of coding that’s what I’ve been doing most of lately. Anyone remember me complaining about the reports project I had a while back? Well it’s finially finished. Now that I’m on days I was finially able to get the rest of the requirements for it and it’s done! YAY! I have to say it works pretty well too… I just have to make it look pretty. I had to make a few more code changes that I would have liked after getting the finial requirements, but that’s ok.

My new project is to move this static file into a database driven file. It’s going to be easy once I get the login portion working. I’ve never done LDAP+PHP auth before and it’s proving to be a pain in the MOFO ass! I’ve stolen like three or four login mechs from other places (mostly the PHP dev list, etc) and none of them seem to work! I can log in manually using the ldapsearch function. It allows me to give it credentials and everyhing. But when I try to use the LDAP_BIND in php it keeps telling me i have invalid credentials. So I’ve asked onne of the steve’s to help me out with it. He did smoething similar and ended up using auth_ldap mod for apache.

I also have another new project for creating cookie based login’s for all the projects I’ve done in the past. That should be fun because I’ve never worked with cookies. It’d also be nice to not have to type my Username/Password every time.

Usually after work I’ve been going home and resting because I’ve been pretty sick this week. It seems to be going around the office. They also think that our boss has pink eye. I really hope not because I don’t want to risk getting it. That would suck major ass. I’ve never had pink eye before and I’d like to avoid it if I can! I’m pretty sure I got my cold from the plane though. Because I was fine when I left Iowa and then woke up the next day with this horrible cold. Gah!

Yesterday I had a date. 🙂 Before a few days ago, I wouldn’t have called it a date… Just hanging out with a freind. But now that I’m single I can call it a date. He’s so adorable! I had a really good time too. We met up at the Spectrum at 2. It was funny cause I got there and couldn’t ermember if he said to meet at the carousel or the ferris wheel. So I had to walk all the way back to my car to find out. Anyways, he got there and we talked for a minute and then went off to eat at Dave And Busters. I really didn’t like that place. But they had fun fans! The door guy was kinda rude and I couldn’t understand our waiter. Plus the didn’t have any food that I really wanted. So I ended up getting just a hamburger. We had a good convo over lunch. He was really quite though and that made me really nervous because I was like, “OMG, he doesn’t like me” haha. But he e-mailed me last night and said that he did have a relaly good time, he was just in pain from his doc appointment the day before. So yeah. He also said… “oh and i so waned to kiss you today before i left, but i was too scared.” haha. so cute!

He left for Kansas today and is going to be at a farm for a week with no internet… and he’s one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have a cell phone yet! How random! Either way, we made plans to hang out on the 4th and 5th when he gets back from KS. So yeah. Good times. (I hope he doesn’t mind, but below are two pics of him…lol)

I also want to complain about the stupid drivers here… The other day I was going home and the exit to my place is three lanes. The far right, can turn right, the far left can go left and the middle can go left or right. Anyways, there was this HUGE camper that was in the far left lane and was blocking traffic because it broke down. Anways, so the exit was backed up… because people were trying to get from the right lane into the middle lane… People started driving on the FAR RIGHT shoulder so that they could get up infront of everyone in the right lane and cut them off and get over into the middle lane… I was so annoyed! This one bitch in a brand new G35 (still had dealer plates) tried cutting me off, and i nearly hit the bitch but forced her back behind me… Fucking retarded people! don’t they realize they are just causing MORe proBLEMS! GRR. In Iowa everyone would just wait thier turn.

I tried to update to WordPress 1.5.2, but it keeps timing out on me. 🙁 I’m sad by that because I really want my e-mail notifications working again!

The other day I also over heard the daytime HD person talking to someone about how they have 76 unread e-mails… I wanted to go in there and be like.. “HA! Sucks to not have me to clean up the evening guys mess isn’t it!” lol… I still don’t get what the hell it is they do in there all day. The phone rings MAYBE once an hour… probably less then that.

I’ve also been going to bed super early, like 8pm. It’s crazyness. Last night someone called me at 11 and I thought it was my alarm going offso I got up and went and jumped in the shower. and then realized it was 11pm… I promptly went back to bed. haha


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