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Well here I was thinking that when Andrew got back my life would be so much better. We’d be getting back together and having that wonderful relationship we had.

But we’re finished… he told me he doesn’t want to date me anymore.

That we don’t have enough in common as the only reason he gave me on the phone.

So fine. Goodbye.. I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Can’t I just die to make the pain go away.

Edit:// Kinda of ironic how I told andrew that I wanted to take some time as friends a year ago.. because I wanted to live my life… And now here I’ve been waiting for him all summer. and he’s tellingme this now. Karma comes to bite you in the ass I guess.

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Thanks everyone… You know I was reallyhoping that once he got back my life would be whole again and I’d have a goal to be going for. But now I’m lost and in a tailspin downwards. I have nothing now to look forward to and no real reason to leave this place.

I need some form of motivation!

There are many other fish in the sea, maybe one day you will hook up with a keeper…oh yea,thats right you dont hook up with guys…hehe.I know it is hard i lost my b/f of 4 years to a car accidnet, and i am still not completely over it, and it has been 3 years… But i guess life does go on and it is like Days our lives says Like sands through the hour glass…it doesnt last forever. Enjoy what you still have friends, family, and me…

😛 How Random!

I know there are other fish in the sea… but out of all the people i’ve ever met in my life Andrew is the only one who REALLY understands me.. he’s the only one that knows how much I hate making big decisions on my own and he’s the only one that understands my thought process.

He’s the only one that knows how depressed I really am… and he’s been the only one that’s been able to make me really happy, and to make me not depressed. He’s the only one that’s been able to understand me and who am I for me!

And now he doesn’t want to be with me because I don’t LOVE art. I honestly think we are meant to be together. I really do… but i don’t thikn it’ll ever happen now.

There is no god, because he wouldn’t put me through this shit.

I often wonder if there is God. Whether there is or not you still have to go on with your life. I feel the same sometimes as I am sure there are plenty others that do as well. I have to believe that there is someone out there for me and it may take time to find that person. I am in my thirties, you are in your twenties. Give it time and I know that it is easy to say that, but in time you will heal.

You are a nice looking and smart guy, you will find someone.

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