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Taste Of Lexus!

Hey everyone…

I’ve signed up for the Taste Of Lexus on Nov 13 at 1:15pm….

So if you want to come you should sign up!

We can drive the all new IS really fast. 😀

I’m also going to sign up for the AutoShow In Motion in San Diego from Sept 15-18! So let me know if you wanna go with me to that!

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i think it’s a good idea to go around 1pm. I noticed all of the earlier time slots were filled up.. so that just means more time spent waiting in line. hopefully around 1 the place will be deserted


I took my lexus to repair at sears they told me it was the power steer pressure hose whichwas 44.99 then jumped to 319.99 now they say the pump is bad and will cost 200.00 When I picked up my car the odometer gas gauge doesnt move and the air bag light is on what do you think and Its still leaking power steer fluid but the mech says its from the pump that the seal is messed up please help in any way asap


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