March 17, 2001

march 17. so i got a new AIM name for all those that talk to

me there, it’s “Pischk OA” so yeah, there ya’s go. Today’s been

one of those crappy ass days, you know. So i got up, well woke up at 5 and

couldn’t get back to sleep. so i was like, yeah what ever. i laid there tell

like 9 and then i got up and took a nice long shower. that was ok. i like

long showers, yeah. lol. and then i went to do my laundry and such like i

normally do, and then i came back up and shaved. mmmm, cute guys in bathroom

then, hehe. and then i went to the store and got quarters so i could finish

my laundry and such and i bought some celery and crackers and peanut butter.

why is peanut butter so damn fatting? damnit. it’s so good too. mmmmm, nummy.

ok well so i got back and went down to get my laundry and such, and someone

stole my favorite pair of boxers i was like, DAMNIT. that was my fav pair.

so yeah, DAMNIT. well then i came back and uploaded like 9 megs worth of shit

to this site. that took like 2 hours. my god it was slow. and i was going

to do accounting whilst i was waiting for it to upload but i got mesmerised

by the little bar and just sat there and looked at it the whole time, yeah

it was odd. lol. so yeah, i’ll do accounting tomorrow. i’m not in the mood

now. so yeah, it’s just one of those crappy ass weekend things. Oh yesterday

i got an e-mail from the college that i REALLY want to go to. and they said

they have made a decision on if i’ve been accepted. but they didn’t say in

the e-mail, so hopefully i’ll find out next week. I REALLY want to go there.

oh and last night sucked too, i don’t know what the fuck was up, but it was

just wierd. like danny was on and such, and we were talking online but he

kept calling me like every 5 seconds. but when i _would_ answer he would say

a couple words and we would get disconnected or something, i don’t know if

he was doing it or what, but they like when we would get back on the aim thing

he’d be like answer the phone i want to talk and such it was all wierd, and

then we lost our entire internet connection, i don’t know how long it was

down before i realized, cause all i was doing was graphics work and talking

to him, and aim is really slow on responding to a network break, it’s all

odd. but yeah, speaking of graphics i did a new front page one, i still don’t

like it, but it’s better then what was there before. i’d like to get something

so that like i could have that in the foreground and have like each little

section a different graphic and such, yeah, you know like when you go to a

page and all the side things are like different graphics but they lne up perfect

and such, i want to do that and i know there’a way to do it when you just

make one big graphic and then let the little thingy do it, but i don’t know,

i can’t get it to work right. oh well. i’ll get is sometime. i need to see

a doctor.

March 16, 2001

march 16. it’s friday, finally. damnit. so yeah, i’ve been working

on this lab for my programming class, i could have had the entire thing done

in two pages if i did just what the directions told me to, but nope, i have

to do better then that, so it got done in just under ten pages of code. yeah.

lol. oh well, it’s done now, and that’s one less thing i have to do this weekend.

so it’s all good. hmm, not much really going on here other then that today,

i spent all night last night and today programming and debugging that damn

program. it’s really pretty idiot proof. haven’t seen danny since wed night.

I’m bored and there’s nothing to do. i want to go to sf tonight, but i don’t

have any money to buy gas. i could study i guess. but i’m really not in the

mood cause i just finished that damn program. i want something to do. i ordered

QaF series 2 over spring break so it should be here next week, YAY. Oh, i

also got my accounting test back the other day, i got like an 82 or 88, i

don’t remember it was one of those two numbers though, lol. my computers almost

hit a new record uptime, 2 whole days, lol. that’s been my best so far with

WinME. and i’ve really been doing alot of stuff on this, i’ve had winamp open

and running since i started my comp and i’ve had seti, aim, msn, norton, outlook,

and other various things, like VB and now dreamweaver and IE. so yeah. it’s

doing pretty good. watch this though, it’ll prob die just after i post this

or something. i’m still in my programing typeing phase, i forget to put the

spaces in every where so i have to keep going back to put them in and i also

keep like abbreviating everything, lol. oh well. this is a really good song

“hanging by a moment” by lifehouse. yeah, i like it.

March 15, 2001

March 15. it’s to damn early, and i’m really pissed now. So

last night was great, danny and i talked for like 3 hours. my PU’s are going

to be pissed when they get the phone bill, oh well. it was great we talked

bout all kinds of shit. i was in a political mood last night, so we talked

about politics some, we have alot of views that are the same. and then today

i’m not in a political mood, i’ve had enough of that but, yeah. we talked

alot about napster in Government class today, i was so annoyed. people were

saying how napster decreases the sales of these record companies and i wanted

to ust scream at them, and ask if they had actually seen the sales records.

they would realize that napster actually increases sales and such. assholes,

don’t talk about something if you don’t know what you’re talking about. yep,

that’s my opinion. I won’t bore with details, most of you know what i think

on most of the issues and such. and if you don’t well, jsut take a guess,

you’ll prob be right, i hope. lol. and if you get them wrong, well that’s

just you’re fault and such. ok well i’m going to go looking for those numbers

again, I’m going to bitch at that stupid women on tues about the numbers and

such. oh yeah, i almost forgot, i was going to bitch about virtualave being

assholes and not letting me upload anything, i think it might be that i ran

out of space, but i don’t think i should have i only have 20 megs of stuff

(there’s way more then the website you people see 🙂 So yeah, i just got back

from lunch and programming class, you would not fuckig beleive what they taught

us, they are telling us to use GOTO’s WTF? every fucking programmer knows

that you don’t use goto’s. Dumb shits. and yeah, they whole lunch thing, so

story, last night i was talkig to danny and i was just like i want lasagna,

and he was like, OMG or something cause they just had lasagna for supper there,

and yeah, so today i went to lunch, and guess what we had, lasagna, i was

so happy, so yeah, now my lasagna craving has been taken care of, i just neec

my celery and penut butter craving now. i’ve been havning alot of cravings

lately, maybe i’m pregnant, lol.

March 14, 2001

March 14. I’m in a politcal mood today for somereason, i was

temped earlier to write a letter to the senators and such, but then i was

like, nah. I’ll do it some other time. ya know Jr. was in Sioux falls over

the weekend, i wish i would have known about that i would have watched him

babble on TV. but i didn’t so o well. he’s such a dumb fuck. i can’t beleive

the american people are so stupid. Well at least the majority aren’t as stupid,

they voted for gore. lol. I’m attempting to get accounting done, but it’s

such a slow process. copy the same damn number like ten times to fifty different

sheets, it’s really annoying and i dont have a lap big enough to hold all

the books. Some bastard just hit our door really hard with a basketball. stupid

people. I saw this really cute guy in the bathroom this morning, it was really wierd. and then latter, he came past my room and waved at me, i was like,

umm hi. whatever. yeah, he was cute, lol. so yeah this morning danny called,

damn good thing too, cause i would have missed my class had he not called.

why’s it seem that everyday he calls in the morning it’s a day that i miss

my alarm, which i don’t know how i do, cause it’s fucking ass loud. hmm, o

well. it’s all good, i made it to my class early even, so i studied a bit

for the quiz we were going to have, and then the prof gets there and in his

fucked up jargon that he talks. he said the quiz was on friday, at least i

think he said friday. yeah. so it’s all good. hmm. yeah, winamps randomization

really sucks. and it’s been a crappy ass song day. i can’t find anything that

i really want to listen too. it all starts sounding the same after a while. yeah, i’m up to like 480 songs now, so you would think i could find something.

but i can’t it’s annoying.

March 13, 2001

March 13. so yeah. hmm, I’m going on a quest to get all the

songs from some of the good oldies people, like led zepplin, ABBA, Pink Floyd,

etc. you would be amazed by thenumber od songs these people have, i’m going

to have to some up with a new dir structure for my MP3’s if i get even half

these songs. my god. Today i’m working on getting all the songs by lighthouse,

i know they aren’t oldies, but i was like hey they don’t have many, that’s

a good spot to start, lol. and plus i don’t think this injunction shit applies

to most of the oldies bands, correct me if i’m wrong, lol. i curently have

466 songs. I’m hoping to at least doulbe that by summer, cause ya know, i

won’t be able to download anything over summer and i want a stock of songs,

so i don’t get bored with them, lol. so yeah, if you got any suggestions on

what to dl e-mail me, eh. I’ve been having an oldies craving, so that’s what

i’ve been getting lately, but anything is fine really. unless it’s rap or

country, yucky. so yeah, other than that not much up here today. i went to

american government, and as usual the prof didn’t know what he was talking

about. then i went to boring ass Programming. he tuaght us how to read and

write to a file, somthing that i’ve known how to do for a while now. dumbfuck.

i redesigned my main page today, it’s really nasty looking, lol. but i was

like, yeah, i don’t care, i couldn’t come up with anything better that early

in the morning, i’ll leave it for a few days, see whati come up with. this

semester is going by so fast really, ya know. it’s kinda good and kinda bad.

i need to study some more but i just don’t have the motivation to get it done.

All my classes are so fucking boring. Oh, yeah, speaing of studying, on the

last gov test, he gave us that same question that i bitched about a while

ago. and he gave people extra credit, i got 14 points back so i got a B something

on it now, i was happy. so i should have like a B+ in that class now. yeah,

it’s all good, now i just have to worry about that accounting test we took,

it’s been almost 2 weeks and he still hasn’t given them back to us yet. and

econ, we had a test in econ he hasn’t given back yet either, what’s up with

these people. I WANT MY TESTS BACK NOW.