My Life

June 9, 2001

june 9, #3 [stone temple pilots, "wicked garden"] well it’s 11:30

and we’re all just getting back from hickory park in ames, it was pretty cool.

lol. pete let everyone leave at 8:30 so we all decided to go to hickory park.

we just ate desert, but we took forever to eat it. i got to ride in a car

with neil, he’s one damn hot guy. he’s like 16 or 17 and in ROTC, damn good

shape, and really cute, he’s got these really cute dimples, i was flirting

with him in the car, and he was so flirting back, lol. it was great. yeah,

so i have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow so i’m going to bed. night all.

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