My Life

June 9, 2001

june 9, #2 [savage garden, "affiamat"] well it’s 4:00 and we’re

free tell supper. today really sucks, we were supposed to be completely done

by now, which almost everyone is. and we were going to get from 4 tell 11

tomorrow off, but pete is being an ass hole and has decided that we can’t

have tonight off so everyone has to stay in camp, which just plain sucks.

i really wanted to get out of here to get my laundry and stuff done tonight.

and to take a hot shower with water pressure and all that. yeah i really did,

but it looks like i’m not going to get to now. damnit. i haven’t gotten to

spend any time in my campsite either, but that’s ok. they were all over on

frankel today all day cause of the scouts over here on this ridge, all around

it’s been a productive day. pete’s still claiming that we are three days behind

schedule, but we aren’t everyone is ready to go for camp. we’ve got all the

evening programs figured out and stuff so yep all that’s ready to go. well

i’m going to go see about a shower, we just got done makeing the fires and

we had to haul alot of wood into the ampitheater. that’s not fun work.

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