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I’m scared… Really scared. But I can’t show it.

This whole HIV thing is scary. Having an amazing bf has helped a lot.

Eric’s been tested multiple times, he’s still neg. We’re going to wait a couple months and test again. Hopefully that will still be negative.

I’ve been dealing with it but I am still scared and depressed.

I’m just not sure.

Things with Eric have been great. He’s amazing. Of course there are times when I just wanna tell him to shutup. But then I remember how he always comes straight to me to kiss when he gets home from work and all the other super cute little things he does every day that are just great.

Work has been work. I’m in Miami right now and can’t wait to get home. There’s nothing open in the terminal other then starbucks.. so I’m starving.

So much other stuff to write about, but nothing seems important enough now.

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