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Just got back from Seattle yesterday. What an amazing trip.

I also have the most amazing boyfriend ever.

We flew up there Thursday night after work. Good flight, got to Micah’s house and it’s amazing. Huge house on the water of the lake. So pretty. I was really sad to hear that the owners want to tear it down! 🙁 I hate.

Went to bed and got up Friday morning. Just putzed around town. Saw the boeing factory which was amazing. After that we got ice cream at Molly Moons, went to Eric’s cousin’s house. We got the addy wrong and were sitting on the porch of some random’s house for like 20 minutes.

The day was pretty relaxed and just hang out, see the city, etc. That night I had a surprise improv show for Eric. It was really funny and I’m glad we went! I wanted to see the later show too, but it was too late.

Saturday we got up and left to Frenchman Coulee. Great times were had by all. Lots of awesome climbing. Micah’s boyfriend came for the first time climbing. He was so cute and fun.

Got back late that night and went to bed after drinking only a few sips of this GIANT margarita that micah made for me.

Sunday Eric and I went out for a very long day/drive to Olympic national park. It was a very pretty park, but not as much as I was expecting. I was hoping to find a cute little B&B to spend the night at in some town. But none existed. 🙁 Got back to Micah’s house late that night.

Monday we slept in got up, returned the gear, then went to the flight museum which we wasted the rest of our day at.

It was overall a great weekend. Great times spending with Eric and great fun.

I have an amazing Boyfriend.

This weekend was a great relief from the issues on my mind lately. The whole POZ thing, Eric, etc. Eric gets his results back today. This is the NAAN test so it’ll be pretty confirmatory either way since it’s been nearly a month since we had sex last. There is still the chance that a later test could come back POZ for him, but I’m hoping to god that it doesn’t. I hope to all things there possibly are that he is neg and will not have to deal with this.

I’m so amazed at how supportive he’s been since telling him. I was so afraid that when I told him, he would leave. It’s been so amazing to have him around to help me through learning about it, getting doctors arranged and everything else. Having him there to hold my hand, to cuddle with at night, to talk to, he’s just so amazing. I’ve been very depressed since finding out, but having him here has kept me from going into a deep depression.

We’ll work through this all, no matter what. I hope.

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