My Life

30 Years, Day 0, Day 1 for me…

30 Years of HIV this month.

Day 0 of ALC 10 today.

Day 1 of HIV+ for me today.

I got my results today, I’m positive.

I want to jump off a bridge.

I have to tell Eric. I’m going to kill myself if I gave this horrible thing to him. He’s such an amazing boyfriend and person. I couldn’t ever live with myself if I gave it to him.

I was last tested in Dec. I was negative then. I haven’t slept with anyone but Eric since. Before, I was sleeping with this guy, very regularly, we had been getting tested regularly. He was negative. I was negative. We stopped using condoms.

I called him after I got my results. He tested positive a month ago, he never told me. Asshole.


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