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Family Reunion

Hello again. So nice to see you. 🙂

I’m in Iowa right now, went to the family reunion. But let’s start back a little bit. A couple weeks ago I found this guy to help out with the bronco. So one saturday I drove up there to work on it with him. We got the new radiator out and started to put it in. What a mess. It didn’t fit at all and we spent all damn day on the stupid thing. I tore out all the interior as well. We didn’t get finished and I left for iowa a few days later so he’s kept it. The guy is a little weird. I had to paypal him more money, etc. Weirdo.

The next day we went out to Joshua Tree to climb with Michael, his sister and Giullio, It was a mess. The area they picked only had about 3 climbs we could do. All Trad and they all required two ropes to TR on. What a mess the whole day. As soon as I got there I had to rescue Giullio who only made if half way up a climb. I was pretty annoyed with the whole day. Most people only got one climb done all day.

I only worked two very busy days. Nearly 16 hours each day.

Flew home Wed. What a mess. I knew as soon as I got the airport that it would be a disaster. No point in going into it. But I got home 7 hours late.

Thursday we went out to the farm and had dinner with my grandma. The aunt who I don’t like invited herself. It was a bit awk. Spent the day out there and got home and just relaxed. Nothing too exciting.

Friday I drove down to Lenox to see my grandma and for the 100th Family reunion. Got there and the it was just the evil aunt and her dogs. Ugh. My grandma and her were bikering like crazy. It was driving me nuts. Thankfully the good aunt and my cousin showed up.

That night we had about 15 people over for dinner. Tacos and what not. Everyone stayed up really late but I was crazy tired for some reason.

Sat morning everyone was up at like 6am so I got about 4 hours of sleep. Everyone was rushing around to get stuff done. We headed up to the depot and got things setup. Had lunch, lots of kids, people I didn’t know, etc. It was fun. The kids were so adorable, Bailey and Logan specifically. They were both so smart and great to hang out with. They live in Seattle so I’m going to take them climbing next time I go up there. Sat around forever, played games, etc. Then had a huge dinner. Cleaned up the depot went back to Grandma’s house and ate some more.

Sunday was more of the same, people came over, had brunch, had lunch, had dinner, eat eat eat! That’s basically all we did this weekend. Monday was more eating and then I came home.

I can’t wait to get home and see Eric. This weekend I have really missed him.

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