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Sj Eats, Poker, etc

Again it’s been a while. I suck at updating this blog any more, no one reads it other then about 2 people and it’s become a hassle to keep updated with all the stuff that’s been going on.

Like I said, things have been really busy, we got hacked, a few times at work and I had to clean all that stuff up. The new guys that took over Aaron’s customers have not been very helpful and now they want to start charging me for the stuff that Aaron did for free. I did the math and they are making about $1,200/month off our account. I think that should be enough for them to spend helping us when there are major problems. It’s not like I’m calling them every day and bitching. I should just make my own company and bill GTC and pocket the $1,200!

There’s been some issues between ECH and I. We’re past the do no wrong state for sure and into the figuring things out stage. He’s an awesome bf, but sometimes he’s just so one sighted. A couple weeks ago I had my house warming party (a huge success). That weekend there was also Daniel’s dance party and Peter wilson’s house party. He wanted to go to both of them on Saturday. After we already had a busy long night friday and a busy day saturday.

I just don’t get what his obsession is with constantly going out to parties. He says he was depressed and just wants to meet new people, etc. I get that, but three parties in one weekend I think is a little excessive. Plus since it taks him so long to orgasm we never have sex because there is never any “time” for doing it. Well there’d be time if he didn’t insist on being constantly busy with other stuff. Then before daniel’s party we went to dinner with some of his friends which caused us to be nearly an hour late. I was so pissed.

At the party I put my foot down and told him no to going to pete’s party. Then he told his friends we couldn’t go because we were going to go home and have sex. Not something I think he should be sharing with people. Ugh.

We went and saw Thor and then Something Borrowed the next week. Thor was amazing, Something Borrowed was horrible. Thursday we went to poker. On the way there I was open and honest with him about how nervous I was, how I didn’t know any poker, told him he’d have to explain everything. He said. “Don’t worry they’ll explain everything.” So we get there, hang out for about an hour talking in which a couple people said directly to him “I thought you said he’d never come to poker”… WTF does that mean?

Then also he started randomly introducing me as “Christopher”. WTF! His reply was “it’s funny”. No it’s not funny.

So then we started playing. We had specifically asked the leader if we could be on the same table so that he could teach me.

Well that didn’t happen. We sat down next to each other and then they all just started playing. We did about two hands and ECH hadn’t explained a damn thing. So I dropped out. Then the whole rest of the game he just ignored me instead of teaching me what was happening. The whole point of this was so that I would feel more included in HIS life. And here we are at something the “loves” to do and he just ignored me completely. Fuck.

We left early.

This past weekend we went up to SJ Eats in San Jose. Stayed at his parents house (in separate bed rooms). Met his parents, they were nice but it was so awk. Went out saturday day to SJ eats and walked around downtown SJ. HIs friends up there were so nice. I like them a lot better then the people he knows here in LA.

That night he had a family dinner that I wasn’t allowed at. So I had to entertain myself. It’s so funny seeing the family dynamics. Like my family, if we had stayed with them, my dad would have had breakfast ready for us when we got up, they would have insisted that ECH go with us to the family dinner, etc. Yet his family was just the oposite. Very odd.

Anyways, that weekend was very good and that’s basically been it. My months are quickly become busy until September now. So much for staying less busy and working on my body and personal life.

I’ve also been feeling a lot more anxious lately about new things. I’m not sure. Maybe I should see my doctor about it. Poker, dodgeball, etc are all the same.


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