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John Bolton, Phone Call, J-Tree

Well it’s been an interesting weekend.

So Friday I initiated the phone call with Davey. We spent like 2 hours on the phone chatting and stuff. We finished our talk we had started a week earlier. It was hard but had to be done. Basically he’s not comfortable with being gay. He says it’s not his religion he’s just not. So I’m not exactly sure what all is up with that.. He’s only had one bf in his life and he said that they broke up because he wasn’t comfortable.

I’m not sure how a guy can be gay and not even be comfortable with that sort of thing. Maybe he’s not even gay! Who knows. I told him my feelings, my story, etc. Told him how I cared about him, etc. He said that everytime he’s gotten close with someone like that it tends to “fizzle” out, whenever he starts sleeping or cuddling with someone.

So yeah. Doesn’t look promising. But then later that night he randomly texts me about how much stuff there is to do in LA. In fact he said “there’s so much me stuff in LA”. lol. Apparently he’s into Raves too. Who would have thought!


Saturday morning I got up and drove out to Palm Springs, picked up Emac and Chad Ho and headed out to J-Tree. Did some great climbing at Echo that day. Started with a 5.6 with some interesting run out. I hate slab climbing. Emac wasn’t too into it to start with but by the end of the weekend he was really doing great. I can’t remember how many climbs we did but we did a good few. Left there just before sunset. It was really pretty out that way.

Went back into PS and got dinner at this greek place by Emac’s condo. Yummy food but the portion was so small! I was so hungry.

Chad Ho had been messing around with this guy on Grindr all day. We found him out by J-Tree and tried to get him to come climbing, then Chad Ho tried to get him to come back to the condo.. I think the guy was crazy. He was talking about issues leaving his house and his grandma dying and stuff. Weirdo.

Went hot tubbing, drank some wine, etc. It was a good evening just hanging out and relaxing.

Sunday we got a late start and were into the park by 11am. Started at the group camp sites which didn’t have very good climbing. From there headed over to somewhere else but I guess I took us to the wrong canyon and we had no idea where we were. Did some good climbs over there but it was a really lazy day for me. I did a crazy little climb to go setup a top rope. I thought I was going to die! But the climb we setup was worth it. Lots of fun

Drove back to PS and ate dinner at this indian place then back to LA. David called me while driving home and we talked for a while. I lost signal in the canyons on the 60 and he said he’d call me Monday to talk. He never did, but we did text monday and tuesday.

My problem is that I can’t initiate phone calls with him because if I did, I’d want to call him every day. Which is way to much for him, I’m sure. lol. So texting is just easier. lol

Anyways. Monday I went to work and cranked out some code for the mexico stuff. It’s almost done just need to do some error checking because I’m sure that these idiot mexicans will screw up even the easiest of stuff!

Monday night I had a date with this guy named Jolly, he was super cute and nice. He’s a java programmer from Irvine. We ate more greek. lol. After we went down the street to this bakery and ate dessert. I suck at first dates. I’m always so boring on them! I’m not sure what to do or when to ask him for a second… I was thinking about maybe taking him for a rappel to see how he does. hahaha.

Tuesday I had breakfast with John Philips at some republican fund raiser for Mattie Fein… John Bolton was there. Lots of republican talk and what not. It was fairly annoying. Very interesting to see what goes on at those places. I was at a table of gays. lol.

It was really annoying that they were bashing Obama for tiny things, like him causing traffic in LA. Because BUSH NEVER travelled and never caused traffic. Ugh. Just made me hate american politics even more.

Worked late last night then went home and Greg came over… I think it’s time to end things with him. It’s been fun hooking up with him for the last 2 years, but I’m getting bored with him and I’d rather have someone who can spend the night and cuddle.

Tonight is climbing with the group. I need to print some flyers.

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