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Little Black Cookbook

Kenny Black – husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather – had commented a few years before his passing, that the older stones in the Lenox cemeteries were in disrepair and it was too bad they weren’t being taken care of; Lenox history and family histories would soon be lost. As a final tribute to Kenny and to honor his many years of community service, the Black family has compiled The Little Black Cookbook to raise funds to restore the older cemetery stones.

We have been searching for easy and unique recipes since September, 2009 to offer you The Little Black Cookbook. We have been baking, cooking, and stirring to ultimately offer you 600 recipes in the normal cookbook categories, plus dog treats and 30 recipes that didn’t fit anywhere else! All of us like to cook and have different tastes in food, so there should be something for everyone! All the recipes in the book have been made by at least one of us, so we know they work!

The Little Black Cookbook will be available for sale beginning October 20. The cost is $18 for the book and $5 to mail. Email for information on how to purchase.

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