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Wasted Weekend

I had big plans for this weekend. It should have been packed with fun and excitement.

However, it was mostly a big waste.

Friday was great. I’ve been talking to this guy Steve for like 9 months online. He moved here from San Diego to finish his masters. Super cute, super funny, does improv and what not. Good times. We met up and had dinner at Wood Spoon then went to Golden Gopher and Seven Grand. It was a lot of fun to hang out with him finally! I hope we hang out again.

Got home around midnight and crashed in bed. Woke up Saturday and drove out to Leigh’s place to go to the u-pick-parts place.

That was basically a total waste. I needed a huge list of things. Stuff we were able to find last time we were there. This time we could only find ONE thing on the whole list! Ugh. Ate lunch with him and then headed over to Sylvia’s house. We watched the Iowa game. Dan gets crazy! This guy that I went to HS showed up. So random.

Drove home from that and laid down for a nap. Woke up at midnight. Totally missing Sirin’s party! Sad

Woke up Sunday and was going to work on the truck and stuff but just didn’t feel like it so I spent the day researching stuff and looking for ways to make it quieter, paint the dash, etc.

I had a date that night. I was really looking forward to it. He cancelled on me at 3pm. I was so fucking annoyed. So I lost $20 in tickets for that. Ugh. Stupid boys.

My dad is in town this weekend. He’s going to help me with the truck and then go quad riding. Should be interesting times.

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