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Bishop, John, Davey…

Bishop.. What an interesting trip. Sure do learn a lot about someone and how much they change in 6 months.

Picked up Leigh and Eric on Thursday at 1pm. Trip was off to a great start. We sang, listened to music, leigh read. Got to Mojave right on time… Stop at my favorite Shell station for a pee break and water and to buy a new window crank for the bronco.

Get ready to go, jump in the bronco, turn the key…. Nothing.

Sit for a minute, check some things, turn the key…. Nothing!

Call AAA, call Enterprise, arrange a mechanic to look at it have the enterprise woman drop a car off, etc. The towtruck gets there, drives it the 0.5 miles to the mechanic and within 5 minutes they have it running. They claimed it was this little thing called the “interference reducer“. So off we went up to Bishop. Got there 2 hours later then planned. Missed Mikey because of that so we stopped for dinner on our own.

Headed up to the milks. I was pretty sure I knew where Mikey was camping at. Got there and we couldn’t find him anywhere! Spent about 30 minutes driving around this 4 mile stretch of road trying to find him. Ran into John while looking for him. He gave us what sounded like easy instructions to his site. So we told him we were going to look for Mikey for a few more minutes then just go to his site if we couldn’t find him.

That was a bad idea. Should have just GONE with him to his site then. Although apparently it wouldn’t matter because even JOHN couldn’t find his site again! So we ended up going back into town and finding connor. The four of us drove back to the milks, still couldn’t find Mikey, but we did find John still looking for HIS site. So we followed him, found his site and setup camp.

John… Was a fucking MESS. That boy needs help. MAJOR help. He was so drunk that he would drink to the point of puking and then throw back a couple shots of whiskey! He couldn’t stand up without falling over, etc. It was really sad. When I first met John, we totally hit it off right away. Spent so much time together that one weekend have been chatting a lot since then, etc. Then he went off to Montana and I haven’t really heard from him in the last 6 months. Seeing him like this was a total heartbreak. He could be such a great person but he’s clearly turned into a major alcoholic.

Come to find out that he’s been through AA before. I guess he needs to go back.

Got up early on Friday morning and headed out to the middle gourge for a day of climbing. Had a great time. Had a 5.10b that kicked my ass. I am totally sucking at this whole climbing thing. At one point I almost questioned why I even try to do this any more and just give up and go be fat and lazy. Ugh.

Did every climb on Warm up wall that day, it was a lot of fun.

Got up to the truck, went to eat dinner with the gang at Whiskey Creek. Good times. Saw Leo there for the first time. I love that man. He’s so cool.

After dinner we got up and headed back… Bronco wouldn’t start. Connor and I putzed around with it for a while and it still wouldn’t do anything. Ugh. It was getting gas, getting spark, etc. So I think maybe it’s the spark plugs. I have new ones. Just need to put them in.

So we left it in the parking lot and drove back to camp. Hung out. Again Drunko John came over and made a mess of himself. He tried to molest me.

Went to bed and started feeling a little sick that night.

Saturday we got up and headed to the upper gorge. Leo was going to come with us but decided last minute to go bouldering! 🙁 I’m not sure what climbs we did but I only did two climbs that day a 5.9 and a 5.10a. The 5.10a was amazing! Had a little bit of everything. Also met this cute boy named Philip. Another Mechanical engineer. lol. We hardly talked. I think him and Wang have something going on.

Went back to camp that night and we all hung around the campfire. A couple of us went off to the hot springs. David (asian), Wang and Philip. David drove, typical asian driver. He was so freaking slow. Ugh. Took us like 45 minutes to get there when it should have been more like 25-30. The hot springs were nice. They helped clear up my nose/head. They chatted the whole way up there. Which was sad because I wanted to chat with Philip some.

Got back to camp around midnight chatted with everyone for a little bit and then went to bed. I slept like shit that night nose all clogged up, etc. Woke up Sunday morning and decided to just head home. It was probably a great idea. By the time we got back to LA my nose/head felt like it was going to explode!

Home by 5:30, unpacked everything from the truck and went to bed. Right before bed I posted something about wishing I had a bf to deliver me some soup and cuddle.

Well I woke up around 9:30pm to someone setting soup down infront of me. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I wasn’t sure who it was and I had been pretty drugged up on NyQuil. So I pretended to be asleep for a minute to see what was going on. Apparently he had been standing outside my door knocking, calling me, and even opened the screen on the window and threw something at me and I didn’t budge, so he just broke in!

So anyways. I’ve been sick all week. Working half days, etc. Today will be my first full day at work. David flys in tonight. I’m super excited to see him. I just wish I had more time to hang out with him while he was here. Sad that he’s going to spend it all with his family. Maybe I”ll get lucky and see him alittle more. Tonight I’m going to take him out to dinner and drinks in Venice beach. That should be fun.

I had a dream last night that he kissed me when I picked him up at the airport. I only hope! 🙂

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