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What a wasted trip…

The people we work with in Miami are all fucking bitches. I get down there Friday night and go into the office. All the boxes I had sent down are locked into an office and no one has the key to it. Ugh. I hang out there for a while, talk with the guys, help them solve some issues, etc. Get back to the hotel around 1am and go to bed.

This whole week I have been so fucked up on my sleeping habits. I haven’t been able to sleep till 2 or 3am and have been sleeping in till 9 or 10am. It’s horrible. Anyways. I got up at 10am on Saturday and was supposed to meet this guy to go kayaking with. I texted him, he had said he’d be up early. No reply, so I drove down to Biscane bay to see what was up. The kayaking place wouldn’t rent a kayak because of the potential for severe storms, so that was a bust. I drove back north and went to this place called Viscaya. It was pretty cool, although all the exhibits were all under constuction. From there I drove downtown and ate lunch at this little peruvian place. Met some guy on Grindr and we had drinks at a local bar. My parking ran out, so I left and went down to South Beach to the Erotic Art Musuem. It was pretty cool, although must more hyped up then it should have been.

Walked around the area after that then went back into the office about 6ish. The door to the office the stuff was in had been unlocked, so I got all that and found that the KEY part that I need for Sunday night was missing. So spent an hour on the phone with FedEx trying to find that. THankfully got ahold of this guy named Buzz in Dallas who was very helpful and gave me the name, phone number and address of the place it had been left at. It was about 2 miles away so I drove over there, sadly they had already closed for the weekend!

Went back to the office, setup the driver checkin station, did some other work, helped the guys, etc. Got done about 1am and went back to the hotel. On my way there David texted me asking how Miami was, so I called him back and we chatted for an hour. That was nice to actually talk to him on the phone again.

Sunday I got up and putzed around, went to Best buy, bought some random stuff for the office, did something else in the area, then went into the office again around 4pm. Stayed till midnight again working on random stuff.

Monday is when the fun really started! Got into the office about 10am and went into the office managers office. First thing she says is “How come [the GLC IT guy] isn’t doing all this work”. I said, “Because this is Nav and It’s GTC’s stuff”. She imediately went on the offensive of well we aren’t going to do it, blah blah blah. Then I tell her, “Well I’m here to train you guys on anything you need to learn, etc, so just let me know what you want me to do”. Her response. “We don’t need training, we know everything, it’s the system, it just screws things up”.

UGH! See what I am fucking dealing with. People who REFUSE to take any responsibilitiy for what they are doing! So I send an email to HER boss and MY boss saying that if they want to learn then they need to fucking make me a list. I never got a list.

So her and I got into a yelling match and I just left. That was pretty much the last she talked to me the whole fucking week. I spent the rest of the day in my office working on the driver checkin thing, making if FOOL and FOUL proof so that no one idiot could fuck it up and any idiot could use it. It’s in both english and spanish, allows them to check in once for multiple orders, etc.

I get it done shortly after she leaves and go in to show it to the office guys. They seem to like it. I left it running while I went to do something else and the truck drivers went up to it and just started USING it. Without any explanation or anything. Carlos… POUNDS on the window and says “DON’T USE THAT! You can’t use that”. WTF!

So he and I get into it, then I say “Fuck it” and just leave. He forwrads me an email in spanish from the office manager telling them to NOT DO anything that I tell them to do. Blah blah blah. Fucking BITCH!

So I just leave for the day around midnight again.

Tuesday I go in and focus my time on the GTC people who are down there, spent about 2 hours helping them with stuff, showing them how to do things faster, etc. We also finally got the package from FedEx and we are installing it that night. Didn’t deal with the otherside of the office at all that day, except for ONE issue the office manager comes in and asks me about. I told her that she has to call the sales person or accounting and that it’s not my issue. Which again leads to a HUGE fight over shit. UGH! Seriously. It’s NOT my fucking issue. The customer was OVER their credit limit. That is NOT my department!

OH! I also found out that they are shipping orders in our system AS SOON as the driver arrives… Now, once the driver arrives, it can take HOURS before they are actually loaded. The typical wait time is 3 hours! It can take up to 12 hours to get a driver loaded and I’ve even seen times where it takes more then 24 hours… So OBVIOUSLY the sales people are relying on the system to tell the customers when the driver was loaded. When infact the driver could still be SITTING there waiting to be loaded! HUGE PROBLEM!

Ugh. That night I did the network switch and found out that they had fucked up and got the wrong license for the hardware, so it wouldn’t do what I needed. GREAT! So they had to buy it from Cisco, which they didn’t get ahold of the new licenses until noon TODAY. My flight was at 3pm….

Insanity insues, they fuck things up, I almost miss my flight.

I’m on my way home now. I can’t fucking WAIT to get back to LA! I just really wish that this time I had someone at home waiting for me to cuddle with. Because after this week. I need a fucking cuddle!

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