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San Jacinto Hospital Visit and Wine Tasting!

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Two weekends ago we went out to San Jacinto. It was a great trip, for the most part.

Leigh, Sophia, Elsie and Jake kept up with me pretty good. Jake was a little slower. Daniel I’m sure could have kept up, but he was busy trying to get into Ally’s pants. Rex, Joeric and Thea on the other hand were a mess.

Rex and Thea packed way to much shit, including fucking CANNED food! Seriously, that was not in the instructions of things to pack! wtf. So they were super slow and dead by the time they got to camp. We had a good night that evening. I think even I was having some heat stroke though, that night I was shivering and really cold and stuff. Who knows.

Got up the next morning and hiked the 7 miles back. Took me 2 hours. Took them nearly 5 hours! It was all downhill! Rex wouldn’t let anyone else carry his pack, he got back to the tram and basically passed out. Had to call the ambulance and stuff. It was horrible/scary. I felt like shit that it happened to him on my trip! But he didn’t listen and he wouldn’t let anyone else help him. Hopefully he learned a lesson in humility.

Monday morning I had a consultant coming into town. I got up that morning and felt like shit, but knew I had to go into the office to talk to him. Came in, was sitting there in the meeting and suddenly started feeling really hot. Sweating, light headed, etc. He made me go home. lol. By the time I got home, I was freezing. That was my Monday. I went into work on Tuesday and felt better, but still kinda crap. I took the week pretty easy and relaxed.

Friday-Saturday I was supposed to go to Bishop and do some climbing, but instead I decided to stay home and take it easy. I went bouldering with Victor, but that was about it. My MythTV box got fried so I’ve been working on rebuilding it. That has not been going very well. About 2 years ago I bought this PCHDTV HD-5500 which is DESIGNED to work with MythTV, but it sucks! I cannot get it to work at all.

Sunday I went wine tasting with Sylvia and Daniel. We had so much fucking fun! We went to a few different places this time, Firestone, Epithany, and a few others. Awesome time with those two. “Well spritz your fucking vagina and get me my food!” LOL.

After that I headed over to Denny’s place… and watched some Avatar.

The Bronco should be making a come back this weekend.. Hopefully! Fucking A. I am so annoyed with this fucking process. It was supposed to be back last month, but didn’t get finished because he didn’t paint it in time. I told him then that I wanted it back by Sept 1. Now again he waited till the LAST minute to fucking paint it again. So I called him and told him to fucking just take it to Maaco and paint it. So then suddenly he has time to paint it. Said he’d have it to my parents by Sunday night… Now it’s Tuesday and it’s still not done. They are supposed to be coming to LA on Friday! UGh. What the FUCK!

So the whole David in LA thing is on again off again. It looked like he was for sure, then there was no way. Then at 3am Sunday I get a text saying. “I am SO coming”. So I talk to him Sunday and tell him where he needs to fly in and when the good times would be, now I haven’t heard from him since then. WTF. I am seeing so much of Morgan in him recently. He’s all into it one day then the next he’s too busy with his little projects to even realize anything. I’m just really want to see him and have him here… Ugh.

In work news, things have been going OK. I’ve been busy, lots of neat projects. Trying to get some stuff done to show that Navision is flexible and can do what we need it to quickly and easily. I’m not very happy with Matt though. I gave him a simple project to do two weeks ago and it’s still not done. I just don’t get people… I told him he’s spending way to much time online doing non-work things. I gave him a new project to do yesterday and told him it had to be finished by EOB today. We shall see if he gets it done or not.

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