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Bronco is Back.. And I’m Pissed

So this past weekend was both tons of fun and a total let down! UGH!

So Friday night I went climbing, goods times. Didn’t do a lot, but it was still nice.

Saturday I got up super early and drove up to Malibu to go climbing with the gang. Eric, Rex and Elsie came. She brought some hot new guy. He was straight! 🙁 But totally awesome, into canyoneering, trad climbing, etc. I hope he and I can hang out and do some trad! Awesome!

Did some great climbs. Led a few, cleaned a few, etc. Had to leave early because I had a company picnic to go to. Drover over to that and it was surprisingly fun. I am the new “company photographer”. I took nearly 900 photos there, got some good ones too I think. It was at this nice place in malibu that had a pond, baseball field, pool, etc. They were having a wedding there later and it was a really pretty place for such a thing!

Drove home after that and just relaxed at home.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I was excited to get the Bronco back! Got up at 5:30 that morning and just lounged around the house, cleaned up some, did some laundry. Etc. Parents txted me at 8:30am telling me they were in San Bernadino. Which is like 1.5 hours away from me. I figured they’d be there by 10:30 at the latest. But they didn’t show up till just before noon.

Pulled up to the drive way and I went down there… Already I was very unhappy!

Basically it LOOKs like the only thing he did was put on new wheels and paint. EVERYTHING else looks exactly the same as it did when I sent it to him.. AND to top things off, it stinks like CAT PISS. Apparently he left it in the barn with the top off all winter and the cats lived/pissed/shit in it! WTF!

The paint job SUCKS. I should have just had my mom pick it up and take it to macco. There’s HUGE runs, splotch marks, overspray, etc.

The “new” tires looked like shit. They were all rusty in parts, etc. The bronco is missing bolts EVERYWHERE. There are bolts that hold the hood on, there are bolts that hold the top on, there are bolts that keep the hood from bouncing, there are bolts that hold the molding on the outside… ALL MISSING! WTF. He fucking spent tons of money on just bolts and shit.

I did a quick calculation last night. I can only get back to December online for my account, but I found $5,311 that he spent.. $5,311 ON WHAT! There is no way there is $5k worth of shit done to this fucking truck!

Ugh I was sooo pissed. It doesn’t even look like he WASHED it while it was there, the whole engine compartment, etc is still a disaster. I can’t see ANY new parts on the underside, etc.

Then the best part. So I post on my facebook. “Bronco is back, and I’m pissed”… Deanna (the wife of the guy who’s been working on it). Sends me a message. “I am so sick of this shit”.. And then deletes me on facebook! WTF!

I am just not sure what to fucking do now. I’ve spent nearly $7k total on this thing and it’s no where close to what I want. I quickly found some stuff on LMC Truck and I know that it’ll cost me about another $2,000 in parts to get it looking halfway decent.

I don’t know if I should take it this weekend or not… 🙁


John De Renzy called me the other day. It was so cute how excited he is to see me in Oct and to stay at my place! I can’t wait to see him too! I hope the spark is still the same as the last time I saw him!

So yeah. That’s the weekend. Now to just get to THIS weekend and get to Clarks Canyon for some awesome climbing!

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