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It’s sad watching people get old. As you know them for many years of their life you can see them slowing down, things hurting more, etc.

When I first started hanging out with Jerry and George they were always the leader of the pack, always the first ones up the trail, the first over the edge, carrying as much gear as they could. Now, only 2-3 years later, George never comes out any more, hip problems keep him from doing much more then a short 1 mile walk. Jerry still comes out all the time and leads with courage and ambition, but I have seen him getting worse over the last year especially.

It’s sad to see his body take this toll, I can’t imagine a day when he stops coming because of his health problems, but I fear that it’s closer then most of us see. Even walking around at Stoney point yesterday he was tripping and falling down on a trail that he takes all the time. And he wasn’t even carrying a pack at all!

It just is so sad to see this happen to people that I care about. I hate getting old!

In other news, the weekend was great. Friday night I went out and saw the movie The Wildest Dream. It was pretty good, more of a documentary then a movie, but still interesting. I’d suggest seeing it in iMax!

We also ate at this indian place which was delicious!

That night Rex came and spent the night, he slept on the couch. Random. We got up early the next morning and went out to canyoneering with the gang. Met up with them, had a great day of doing that. Got to the last waterfall and there was this HUGE group of people below watching me come down. Everytime I’d slip or something they would all yell and scream as if I were going to die! lol.

Left there and came home, napped, had Neil over to hang out. We were going to go to San Pedro, but he got there and was being annoying so I made him smoke out and ended up just watching some movie. I swear the boy is the biggest fucking whore I’ve ever talked to. And I know some WHORES! I don’t know how he does it either because he really is annoying. I’m over hanging out with him.

Went to bed, got up on Sunday and went climbing at Stoney point. We setup potholes, which is fairly easy and I had a tough time on the last move, not sure what was up with that. But then I went and did Vicious and got farther then normal, by about 2 moves. Very strange. I’m still fat and suck at climbing. lol.

Got home from that and fell asleep around 4pm! lol.

Haven’t really talked to Davey much this weekend, he’s been busy at home with the family. I know how it is when you’re back visiting, you are usually very busy. I might call him tonight and chat. I’ve sent him like 4 different weekends to come visit LA. I’m hoping he does one of them at least!

All the sales people are being super bitchy today and I am not approving of it. I want to just email ben and tell him to shove it up his fucking ass. Jackass.

Someone called me at 6am because they couldn’t remember how to log into Navision. Seriously? You do it EVERY FUCKING DAY!

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