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Riverside Rock Quarry and Lake Perris!

Woot, climbing! Lead 5.9 Roof! Awesome, epic, no pictures! 🙁

So it was a great weekend overall. Friday I just stayed at home and packed stuff up for the weekend. Saturday I met up with Leigh, Rik and Eric and we headed out to Riverside to the Rock Quarry. Great times! Did some awesome climbing, had a great group of people, Todd, Steve Woo and Gavin were there as well. Jerry and Claudia came for a little bit.

Rik’s a really cute guy, but so fucking annoying. He needs to learn how to shut up for a while. Everyone else is of course great. Woo is my lover. lol. I did get a message from him the other day saying “You’re off limits. I can’t use and abuse you. You’re too valuable”. WTF does that mean! Ugh boys.

I hope that John comes out this weekend to Bishop!

Anyways, it was a LONG day out there climbing. I got home at like 8pmish. Good times though. Didn’t do anything that night, just cleaned up and went to bed.

Sunday I headed back out to Riverside, just south of where we were Sunday and went climbing at Lake Perris with Jerry and gang. Great times again. Did an AWESOME 5.9 climb with a roof. Scary shit! I was pretty impressed with myself. Then Jake and Sophia climbed it without a problem! LOL. It’s amazing how much a lead vs top rope climb can get you!

Came home late again, sat around the house, didn’t do much.

Work has been busy this week, not as busy as expected, but still busy. I’m only going to hit like 30 hours this week.

I made the switch to chrome. So far I really like it, a few minor complaints here and ther.

IN BIG news. I’m an official Ambassador to the homo climbtastic group! I’m excited! I love the description that Alex came up with for me! ahhahaa.

In sad news, I’m depressed that it’s been 2 years since I’ve had a real BF! Ugh. Where’s the good guys!

3 replies on “Riverside Rock Quarry and Lake Perris!”

Kids these days don’t know when to shut up. But I liked his encounter in the locker room story 😉

Hahah. True that story was enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind giving him my own locker room story, if he’s just shut his fucking mouth.

I bet you he’s one of those guys that just talks and talks and talks all through sex and tells you how to do EVERYTHING. lol

I dunno, some people are way different in the sack, so maybe he’s silent in bed. Find someone to hit that so we can test this experiment 🙂

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