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Homo’s Invade Bishop!

Wow, what a freaking weekend… Amazing!

So, Thursday afternoon Leigh, Rik and I headed up to Bishop. Got there and checked out the Buttermilks, then met up with Todd, John, Tony, Sophia and Claudia for dinner. Had a great time then headed off to go camping. Made blue and black berry cobbler and had a great time!

That night all of them were gonna sleep in one tent and I was gonna sleep in my tent… Then suddenly as we were getting ready for bed, there was no room, so Rik slept in my tent. Random

Got up Friday morning and met the boys in town for breakfast then headed out to climb. Did some really awesome climbing at a wall that I forget what it was named, but it was a lot of fun. I didn’t get to lead ANYTHING this weekend, which I was a little sad about, but I’m glad that a lot of other people got to lead some stuff and what not. Rik even lead a few! Nice work.

Gavin, Steve and Eric showed up a little later and we moved to China wall. I had been to this wall a couple weeks before with Leo and Tim. I don’t think I even climbed a single thing there this time! I hung out with Tony mostly doing another climb which was a 5.13a! Insane climbing these guys! I belayed him, which was a lot of work. Rik came up and hung out for a while as well there.

Got done around 6ish and headed back to town, met up with Jake for dinner, had 14 people total there at dinner. Throughout the weekend we had 17 people come and go. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel. Our room was like a frat party room. What a mess!

Had some drinks and then crashed in bed. Tony slept in bed with Rik and I that night. There was some hanky-panky going on. I just wanted to cuddle, but I dunno if Rik or Tony instigated it. Rik and I jacked each other off and then I heard him and Tony making out and jacking off later that night. lol. Boys! I guess that’s what happens when you get a group of gays together!

Saturday Claudia, Pepe, Tim, Leigh, Tony, Jake and I went out bouldering at the happys while the rest of the group went to the gorge again. We had a really great time at the happys. Didn’t really do to much though. Got done around 4, went back to the hotel, hung out for a bit, went to the hot springs, back to the hotel, dinner with the rest of the gang, then back to the hotel for a big party night. Lots of whiskey, beer, pot, sitting in the parking lot, sitting in the room, etc. It was so funny because we were all passed out by 10pm! LOL.

That night rik and I slept together again, things were a little more heated, but still only jacking off.

On the topic, Rik is a really nice guy, very cute, very smart, etc. But he just is so fucking annoying. He’s so pretentious about everything and so opinionated and unwilling to even accept that people do things differently. Like he yelled at me for saying “pop” instead of “soda”! REALLY!? Ugh. I dunno what to do about him.

Steve Woo on the other hand. I am so in love with him. LOL. I have had a huge crush on him since I met him 3 or 4 years ago. And even since we started talking on AIM which was 5 or 6 years ago! And spending this weekend around him made me even more Woo crazy! He and I are going out tomorrow. Should be fun!

The group in general was pretty awesome I’d have to say! Great group of guys, lots of fun, very smart, and of course, very cute! 🙂 I was so happy all weekend with these guys. I’m glad that I started this group that our first big trip went off great, and I hope that our next trip is just as awesome!

Came hom EARLY sunday morning, which I was sad about. I wanted to stay and do another day of climbing, but alas, George had his recital to go to, and I felt obligated to get back for it. So we went, I was tired, slept though most of it, then drove home and crashed in bed!

I woke up Monday morning, very depressed and not wanting to go to work. 204 emails, people bitching, etc. Just not my idea of fun. But it turned out Ok because I got A HUGE raise, and it was retroactive back to last August! So that’s awesome!

Still a bit depressed about work, being single, etc. Feeling fat and over weight as well lately. Not helping! Ugh.

Stupid company appreciation day tomorrow. I have to golf… And it’s in corona! And WE have to have dinner with them, AND I have a thing to be at in Silverlake at 9pm. Ugh. Gonna be a long ass day tomorrow. I’ll probably go to work late.

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I could easily have confused Rik’s orgasm with Leigh’s snoring. And you guys didn’t want room service to bring you clean sheets?!

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