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Shooting, Climbing and Dialing

Hey everyone. I’m back in LA! Thank god and things have been going great.

So this past weekend we went shooting and climbing. It was a good time. Actually had a big group of people, even after Claudia and Sylvia went bitch fest on the whole shooting thing. I think like 11 people? It was lots of fun! Nick and I went and looked at condo’s downtown after that and it was interesting.

That night supposedly Sylvia was gonna go out for Claudia’s birthday, but I never heard a damn thing about that, whatever! Blah.

So Sunday I went out climbing to Stoney point, it was cold and windy! But it was still good times. I tried to climb Vicious like 5 times and failed each one! 🙁 Blah. Oh well. Elsie from work was out that day, AWK.

In other news I’ve been working on this auto-dialer. It’s really neato! 🙂

Mary is still being a fucking bitch. I can’t wait for June so she’s gone for another 9 months.

This weekend LA LGBT @ Riverside rock quarry. Good times! 🙂

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