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A Week in WA is WAY to much!

A week and a half in Washington. I honestly never want to have to come back to this office. The office manager makes this the WORST place for me to work. At one point she even seriously asked me the question. “Do you even have any friends”. Seriously! She’s a KNOWN homophobic, last year there was an incident where our CFO and HR manager had to fly up to have a chat with her.

This trip was no different and even though she was only working 4pm-10pm, I still had WAY to much of her. On Friday and on Monday we got into HUGE fighting matched screaming at each other. In one instance Phil was in the office and he witnessed everything.

I think I took the high road and reported it directly to her boss in LA to try and head things off. She on the other hand wrote her WA boss an email making HER sound like a little saint and saying that I didn’t do anything until she got here, blah blah blah.


I wanted to make you aware of an incident that happened tonight between myself and Chris B. Of course I will give you all the details you want in person, but just basically know, that he isn’t understanding how important it is to get the grower reports fixed. According to him, I am making a bigger deal out of it than it really is and it’s “not his problem” However, this is the current status of the reports:

They still aren’t separted by recovery % by day.

They still have harvesting info for all growers.

Out of the six growers we had for April 1st two of them have incorrection YTD info.

Grower notes are not on the report.

Chris had all day to get the receiving station up and running and he waits until I get there to have me call Aaron.

Allan, I would suggest that if Chris doesn’t have the grower report issues fixed by Thursday when we have to do the next grower reports, I would like to do it the “old” way. It makes us look unprofessional to have to write on the reports or ask them to “disregard” information on their report. This is an important year, and I would hate the growers to have any excuse to not sign new contracts.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Ok. First of all, I gave her THREE ways that should could correct the mistakes on the report and send them out. She REFUSED to do any of them. Second I worked ALL day trying to fix the receiving stations. It just so happened that I was AT the end of my trouble shooting when she arrived and I asked her to call Aaron. THIRD, half the things that she complained to Alan abou the report being wrong, she had NEVER once told me that it needed fixed on the reports. AND LAST, the report that she claims I Don’t have ready for her at all, THEY WORK JUST FINE. There is ONE wrong number, which is the YTD receiving pounds. I am SURE that a simple explaination to the TWO of 6 growers who have this problem that we are working out kinks in a new system and it’ll be corrected on the next report that they would be fine with it. She is making it this HUGE deal and that if the number is wrong the growers aren’t going to sign a contract with us next yaer. I HIGHLY doubt that ONE number on ONE report is going to cause them to not fucking sign the contracts for next season. I can ONLY imagine what she is saying behind my back to Allan. Once she got to the office the next day they both ran off for about 2 hours.

She’s jsut flat out a BITCH and everyone knows it. She also has no idea how to do anything and is WORSE then the LA sales people when it comes to change. Last year she bitched and bitched and bitched that her computer was just WAY to slow to get anything done on. SO at the begining of the season last year I bought her a brand new computer. I get up here this year, and it’s STILL IN THE FUCKING BOX!

About half way through the season last year she requested a scanner. I sent it to her the same week she requested it. Get here this year, STILL IN THE FUCKING BOX! UGH!

THis year she requested new monitors. I’m not getting them for her.

In other news, I did get to go and do a run around WA. Saw some awesome climbing spots called “The Feathers”, went up to this place called Dry falls (awesome canyoneering), Saw coulee dam ( I don’t get the US’ obsession with DAMS as tourist attractions), drove through some VERY pretty indian reservation and it snowed on me! 🙂 Did all that on Saturday, drove back to the hotel.

Met this cool guy with a HUGE dick. Yum. hahaha. We had dinner a few times, had some fun, went out to the bar one night. He’s a nice guy and a REALLY nice dick.

Umm, worked mostly to be honest, clocked 67 hours last week, plus 6 hour Sunday, and then 14 hours on Monday and 10 hours Tuesday.

Last night I decided to treat myself to a fancy dinner at the hotel. It was gross. I got a pork chop and it was really dry, not trimmed and the mashed potatoes were gross. Oh well at least the company will pay for the $40 dinner!

Other news, this week I REALLY missed both Morgan and Mossman. Ugh. I talked to John some, he admitted he has a huge crush on me, so cute, why does he have to be leaving! He’s a great guy and totally outdoors and awesome. lol.

I also got a random ass email from Austin who I haven’t heard from in years! He said he missed me and wanted me to come visit him in San Fran. Crazyness.

I’m also kinda pissed at Claudia and Sylvia. I tried to plan a nice birthday day party for all the climbers who are having a birthday in this first part of April which are Claudia, Rex, Leigh, Julie, and on a more personal level Nick and Steve Woo. So we had all been talking about a day of shooting and then a dinner party for them. So I made an event for the 4 of them and Sylvia made this huge deal about how not everyone wants to share their birthday and it should jsut be for Rex and Claudia because Leigh never come and “who is this julie anyways”. Seriosly, Leigh is WAY more a part of the climbing group then she is, he has been climbing with Jerry and George for far longer then ANYONE who currently goes. Second I understand that maybe not have all of them to the dinner party, but the day of shooting, which JERRY is paying for, who cares, they ALL have birthdays, how rude would it be if we just made it about rex and claudia when all SIX of them are having bithdays. Sersiouly, Claudia’s attitute lately has been really pissing me off about not wanting other people to join the group, etc. And anymore if anyone who ISN’T part of the group come she gets pissy. Ugh. So I got all pissy, just cancelled both events and told them to figure it out.

Thankfully leigh picked up the stick and planned a day of Shooting. Claudia mentioned that she was just going to go to a bar and “whoever wanted to come could come”. But no one has mentioned anything else about that so who knows. I probably won’t go though.

So yeah, that’s basically everything, I think? Other then the normal I’m sick of being single, blah blah blah.

I really should start writing more detailed posts agian… Perhaps I should fly more and get stuck waiting for plans because the TSA is uber slow!

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