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I’m Depressed!

Ugh. I am feeling like SHIT! It’s time to get the hell out of this!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Sucky! Two weekends ago, I went out to Joshua tree with the gang, Met up with John and his brother David, had an awesome time. I did 10 climbs total, 3 of which were lead climbs. Came home after that, hung out at Sylvia’s house with the girls, drank, smoked and watched a movie, which we all fell asleep less then half way through! lol.

Sunday we all got up and went out to the climbing gym with Jerry. I actually did a 5.10b at the gym, which was pretty impressive for me!

The week was work, lots and lots of work. Not really anything exciting. I’m getting kinda pissed with Trent, it seems that he’s giving Marty all sorts of little projects that I keep bringing up that need to get done and that I would like to do! Like I’ve said a few times that I’d like to help with the business processes, but he never gives them to me. Ugh. They also go to lunch EVERY day! AWK. WTF do they talk about/do!

Anyways, Friday after work I headed up to Bishop to meet up with Leo and Tim. Had a great time seeing them again.

I did some pretty good climbing on Saturday and then Sunday I totally sucked. To many people at the Buttermilks.

It was nice hanging out with just Leo on Saturday though. I thought we had a good time. I hate that I meet an awesome guy like him/john and that neither of them are staying around! Ugh. Even if it would be just as friends, I need more GAY friends like them!

So sunday night I drove home, came into work on Monday, had a really busy day, got a splitting headache in the afternoon, went home, made a quick dinner and then crashed in bed till 7am this morning.

Ugh. :'( I need to get the hell out of this mess! I’m so sick of being single and alone. I want a boyfriend!!

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