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Climbing in BISHOP!

I love Bishop and I love the guys I met up there! What a weekend!

Friday Leo drove down to return his car, met up with him at the rental place around 4pm. Had a good car ride up there, chatted about random things, not really to much. The whole week they had been predicting 70% chance of rain on Saturday, not good!

Got to Bishop and met up with Tim and we all went out to get dinner at this Mexican place which is really good! Back to the apartment, hung out for a while and then went to bed.

Saturday we woke up to nice clear skies in Bishop and packed up the bags. Drove the 15 minutes out to the Buttermilks only to find a blizzard and about 3″ of fresh snow! We all wondered around in that for a while and then headed back to the Happy’s which had amazing clear blue skies and were nice and dry…. Only 15 minute drive from the buttermilks!

Tim had to go pick up his BF from the airport so Leo and I worked on some problems there. I thought I did some pretty good climbing out there, did some nice V1’s; Leo even made me do a V3 which I was dying on! LOL. I think I injured my shoulder on that day too.

Got done with that around 3ish when some clouds started to roll in, headed back to the apartment, met up with Tim and found out that his Bf’s flight was re-routed to LA! So we figured out what was up with that. Leo and I went grocery shopping after that and came home to make some food.

Nate (Tim’s bf) finally showed up around 8:30 and we made dinner, delicious beef stir fry, ate that, hung out, watched a movie with Leo and then we all went to bed.

Sunday we all got up and went climbing at the Gorge, the hike in was KILLER! A couple hundred feet down this very very steep trail that was covered in SNOW at the top. Got to the bottom and it was just amazing weather, did some climbing did a 5.8 and a couple 5.9’s and attempted a 5.10b and failed. lol But my shoulder was KILLING me that day! Ugh.

Got done with that around 6pm and went back to the house, went grocery shopping again, this time we made some mad skilz asparagus and prosciutto pizza! YUUUM!

I called in Sick to work…

Monday we all got up, putzed around the house waiting for Leo to get done with his crazy workout thing then we went back to the buttermilks. Day = PERFECT climbing weather.

Met up with Tim’s friend John and we all spent a GREAT day of bouldering out there… BTW. I was EXHAUSTED! I hardly did any problems but still had a really great time.

Got done again around 5pm and headed back to town… It’s very very strange, but I was almost in TEARS saying good bye to the boys! I had such an amazing weekend, the guys were SO AWESOME and great. I wish that they all lived closer! Tim, Nate and John are all in San Fran and Leo is in New York! How sad! Perhaps I do need to move to San Fran!

BTW. I have a HUGE crush on Leo! What an amazing guy!

Anyways, The weekend was amazing I am thinking about doing it all again NEXT weekend! Perhaps, maybe, just thinking. I’d love to, Leo kept hinting that I should make it up again before they leave! I can’t believe I haven’t been up there before now! WTF was I thinking!

So now this weekend we are all going to J-Tree to meet up with John, should be FUN! 🙂

In other news, I’ve been very depressed lately. No BF, work has been stressful and Trent has not been making it very easy, he’s been giving me a lot of shit for taking days off, leaving early, etc. I’m sorry, but I put in SHIT TONs of time for this company. I typically have my 40 hours by noon on Thursday in any given week and yet when I took Monday as a personal day he gave me shit about it on Tuesday when I came into work. Ugh. And I STILL haven’t gotten my review!

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