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Everyone is SICK!

Everyone is SICK! WTF is up with this shit?

PS. Kevin Rose is HOT! I need a hot gay like him!

Umm, so not much really going on today. I’m actually kinda slow at the office right now, so that’s good. I need to get going on a few projects which are due in Q3. But no one knows what is going on with those anyways, so whatever.

Last weekend was good. I went on a short hike with Sylvia and Claudia on Saturday. Fun times were had by all. Drove to San Pedro after that to meet up with my mom and dad. Went out to dinner at this really nice place called 22nd Street Seafood there. Drove back to my area after that and had some more wine. Good times.

Sunday I was really sickly, but went out rock climbing with the gang anyways. Always good times. I tried to do Viscous 3 times, failed at my normal spot. I really need to get past there! It’s so depressing to get that far and then fail!

Sunday didn’t really do to much more. I think I hung out with this Asian guy, Zach, that evening. He was a cute guy, funny, etc. We watched a movie and drank wine. He came over again Tuesday night and we went out to yougurtland and then he came back and we watched tv and made out on the couch. He ended up spending the night. Nice guy, pretty cute, small cock (and thinks he’s a top), hahah, and he’s very arty, not sure what’s in it all for me. Although really nice guy, so I’ll hang out with him again.

Been stepping up the apartment search recently. Need to get the hell out of my shit hole.

Later all!

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