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Death Valley! – Again

This was an awesome trip to Death Valley. Even though we didn’t actually complete any of the things we started out trying to do! LOL

So we headed out there on Friday morning. I picked up JoEric, Althea and Rex. Met up with Jerry, Jake and Sandra at our normal place then drove on out there. Stopped at a few places on the way there, climbed the sand dunes, had some fun and then went to lunch/dinner. Good day. Got to the hotel which was surprisingly nice for being only $50/night!

Jerry got an extra room for no reason. WE had 4 guys, 3 girls, Jerry and then Jake and Sandra. And yet, we got 5 hotel rooms! I was a little disappointed. So we had Nick and myself in a room, JoEric, Althea and Rex in a room, Claudia and Sylvia in a room and Jake and Sandra In a room. Crazyness.

Friday night a group of us went out to the Casino and had a fun time, I didn’t win anything! 🙁 I really don’t understand the draw of slow machines though! Ugh.

Saturday we got up and went over to the Hole in the wall to try and find that huge canyon drop off. Hiked around for about 2 hours and couldn’t find ANYTHING. Ugh. But it was a fun time. From there we went over to the mines, packed up all the gear, hiked in and found that someone had BOARDED up the mine that we always go into! 🙁 And I mean like they have boarded it up good too!

So we drove down to Zabrisky point, hung out for a bit, then drove over to the badwater and watched the sunset. From there we went to get dinner, excellent time of course.

That night we had a little party in one of the rooms. Sunday we got up and headed home. Everyone wanted to go canyoneering, but Jerry had a bumm knee so we just drove back to LA, stopping at a few places on the way back including Fossil Falls.

The whole trip was tons of fun. Lots of making fun of Rex and my Imaginary love, signing cotton eyed joe, dancing, running around, etc. Awesome time all around.

But honestly, this will probably be the last Death Valley trip I make with the group. I think we’ve basically exhausted the things to do out there that are worth it for me.

I feel really bad about Jerry’s knee too. Even since I’ve know him him I can see he is slowing down and not doing as much as he used to. It will be a sad day when he stops coming on these trips, etc.

And with that, I can’t WAIT for the next adventure!

I’m out!

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