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Our First Gay Climbing Meeting!

Wow, this past week has been busy. It’s already Friday (Wed, but Friday for me!) hahah.

Anyways, I have been swamped with getting Washington stuff ready to go this week. People have also been incredibly stupid this week. MUTE on computers, requesting to be switched over to Outlook away from Gmail, etc. Ugh.

Saturday Sylvia and I went up to Santa Barbara wine tasting. Had a great time. I bought a lot of wine. We found a new place called Bridlewood, which had really good wine. Of course we went to Rideau and Gehr. 🙂 Got home and invited this kid Rik over. He as cutish. He had the nerdiest glasses ever though. lol.

Sunday was our first meet up of the new LA LGBT climbing group! That was tons of fun. Went up to Malibu Creek and did some great climbing. I think everyone had lots of fun. I was sad that the girls and rex went and ran away for a while 🙁 Daniel got naked and went swimming. Totally HOT! hahah

Everyone that came was a lot of fun. Steve was there! It’s always GREAT to see him. I have had such a crush on him in AGES! He’s so adorable and awesome! 🙂

Umm, not much else really going on. Still feeling depressed and tryihng to get the hell out of it. Headed to Yosemite tomorrow with Sirin and Leigh! Tons of fun! I am hoping that John will make a random appearance. Who knows though he’s so unpredictable!

OH! I totally forgot to tell you about the random ass TXTs that I got from Morgan. He messaged me and said. “Are you climbing at the beach tomorrow?”. I replied: “No, malibu creek. Don’t worry you aren’t oging to run into me.” He replied. “I kinda wanted to. Are you lead or top?” I replied “Both” and then he said, “Cool have fun”. WTF! Seriously. I haven’t TALKED to him since fucking DECEMBER! I got a random Message from him on my birthday. But WTF is this. And how did he find out where I was going! WTF!

Also, Alan is totally not having anything any more. I’m very sad. I told him I’d be in Washington and he’s basically making NO effort to come see me. It’s only like a 3 hour drive from him. Ugh.

Ok. That’s about it. Yosemite tomorrow, back Sunday night. Off to Washington on Monday!


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