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Mary Poppins and San Diego Climbing…

An interesting weekend to say the least… Friday I came home from work and unpacked from TnT and from Mexico then re-packed stuff for this weekends trips. Spent the rest of the night at home just lounging around. Didn’t really do much. Watched this stupid ass movie called “Make the Yuletide gay”. Ugh, wasn’t even any sex!!

Anyways, so Saturday morning I got up early and went down to the OC to pick up Sophia, then we met up with Claudia, Sylvia and JoEric and off we went to San Diego for some climbing… The bouldering wasn’t exactly the best, but it was still a fun day down there.

Got back latish and laid down on the couch for a bit and accidentally fell asleep.. woke up at midnight and just climbed into bed. lol.

Sunday I got up and headed out to go climbing @ Stoney Point. good times there, but morgan showed up. Ugh. Sophia ran off with him and climbed with him most of the day. I pretty much ignored him again.

Left early from there and went over to Johnies to meet up with him and go see Mary Poppins. It was good seenign him again, we sat around his house and had some wine, then this crazy woman picked us up and went to dinner with her and some other people, lots more wine, lots of great food. Mary Poppins was pretty good, but I am just torn between if I liked it or not.. THey didn’t stick to the movie story line. Things were all out of order, there were all these new songs and new story lines and what not. Ugh. I just don’t know!

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