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Ja zuster, nee zuster (Yes Nurse, No Nurse)

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous musicals I have ever seen! But it was definitively very interesting throughout the whole movie…


The film is a cheerful stylised musical comedy a la 8 femmes. The story happens in the guesthouse of sister Klivia in one of the Dutch towns. The inhabitants of the guesthouse are very cheerful and good-hearted persons whose open communal lifestyle is contrasted with the life of somewhat nasty and complaining neighbour behind the wall herr Boordevool. Boordevool has spent ages looking for the reasons to shut the guesthouse. One day a girl from the the guesthouse meets a nice young guy Gerrit. Sister Klivia lets Gerrit stay regardless of him being a thief. Will that give a chance to the insinuations of the neighbour?

This was a great movie overall, very interesting story, great songs (even though they were in some crazy language) and the characters were all great portrayal… Plus, it gets an extra star because of this: Yum!

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