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Mossman and Boss Fired!!

So, my boss was fired! WTF!

I’ve been hoping for this day, but never thought it would come! Amazing. I got off the plane in ORD and read my emails and there was one from the CEO saying that he was let go…

I was and still am in shock! It’s going to be so different going to work and not having to deal with the stupid stuff he did all the time.

Basically that means that I have tons more responsibility now though! Ugh.

In other news, Mossman came, we did lots of fun stuff, Cooked, Baked, MOCA, Weh, Dinner pary, Canyoneering, Susicall the musical, etc. Lots of sex. hahaha.

It was great having him here. I miss him.

Now I’m back in Iowa and things are crazy of course.

I’m out!

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