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An Interesting Few Weeks…

Ugh. What a busy couple weeks. I honestly can’t even remember what I did two weekends ago… ::checks calendar::

Oh yeah. I went and saw “Old Dogs” with Sylvia. Horrible movie! Then had lunch with this guy Ryan, interesting, and then went and made brownies with Leigh. That was fun! 🙂 Went rock climbing on Sunday and of course that was fun! Did some amazing climbing. There was an awesome group from out there and got a few new phone numbers of people who like to climb.

So the week was pretty calm after that. I mean, I was busy, but nothing really happened of interest. Put up my Christmas lights, etc.

Thanksgiving was alright. I spent the day shopping for stuff. Spent way to much money but got almost everyone’s christmas gifts.

Thursday night I headed out to JTree. Met up with the guys, went to bed, Friday did two climbs and then my back started KILLING me. So I was basically out of it the rest of the weekend. :'(

Saturday afternoon it was hurting so badly that I just came home. Spent the rest of the weekend on my couch and taking meds…

Monday I got up and went to the office and have been here in Mexico all week.

Talked to Morgan online yesterday. Found out that he went to fucking Bishop instead of coming to JTree. I planned JTree FOR HIM. Fucking asshole. What the fuck is his problem with inviting other people out to things that he does, etc. UGH. I’m so ready to just punch him in the face.

In GOOD news. I am very very excited for Mossman to come down next week. I am so falling for that boy! It makes me sad every time I am reminded that he doesn’t live anywhere close to me! 🙁

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